Tailoring Treatments For Male Clientèle



For most men, continuing with a regular beauty regime needs to leave them with noticeable results in order for them to continue. Male skin is noticeably different in comparison to females and needs a tailored package to suit their skincare needs. The male beauty market is ever growing, don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity and attract male clients.

Here are our top tips of how to tailor your treatment package to bring in a new male clientèle...

Create A Custom Skincare Package

In order to generate more male clients, you need to discover what exactly your male customers want. Similar to women, many have different skin types and problems that they want resolved. Due to excessive shaving, some men may suffer with sensitive skin, therefore a gentle facial cleansing package would be desirable.

Most men are against visiting a beauty salon due to the stigma attached. Not wanting to appear ‘unmanly’, many men may shy away from treatments that are specifically created for a female market. Tailoring your skincare packages to have a much more masculine aura around them may help them feel much more at ease visiting the salon.

Men Skin Care Tips

Making Things Masculine

Although a pamper session is much more desired by your female clients, most men do enjoy a secret pampering too. However, feminine fragrances and certain treatment packages can sometimes put off men from visiting the salon.

Try looking into some masculine scents that are enjoyed by men and try adding some of these to your tailored packages. Try branding your treatments in a more masculine tone, with invigorating and energetic results, instead of setting the treatment as a tranquil and unwinding treatment.

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Try Partner Packages

Most men only ever step into a beauty salon to pick up their girlfriends or sheepishly walk in to buy a last minute gift. However, this could help when it comes to introducing men to your male focused treatments.

Create a few packages that are tailored to suit couples, helping to ease men into a salon environment. Few women are likely to put up a fight at the idea of a trip to the salon, encourage couples to enjoy this experience together, to help show men the benefits of having regular treatments.

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There are various ways to increase male clientele, and a professional and stylish image is always going to help work towards increasing business. Checkout our range of beautician uniforms and tunics, specifically designed for beauticians.

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