June Beauty Industry News


The beauty industry is forever developing, changing and growing, with new trends, crazes,

products and treatments each and every week. Many consumers are on the ball with the

latest trends and product innovations, which means there’s no excuse for you! Keep up to

date with the industry, with our monthly update, sure to get you chin waggin’ with your

clients about the latest, and ensure you’re staying on top of consumer demand…

1. Social media said to be shaping the beauty industry

At Diamond Designs, we love being active on social media, keeping up to date with what

you’re all up to, and keeping you up to date with our latest too. In a recent survey by Dove,

30% of women admitted that their beauty purchasing decisions are influenced by social

media. Social media is rapidly changing the way beauty brands connect with their

customer, so if you’re a beauty business owner, ensure you are being consistent and

adding value across all of your online channels.


2. 3D printed hair is actually a thing

We were slightly taken aback when we heard this one too, is there anything they can’t print

these days?! 3D printed hair isn’t technically a new innovation, as it first became available

around a year ago, but it’s the advances in the technology that could have an effect on the

beauty industry. With the machine now being able to make smaller hairs than ever before,

the technology may be used in the production of makeup brushes, to make the fibres

smaller and softer, making makeup brushes even better and more affective.


3. Beauty industry ranks third for ‘brand intimacy’

According to the MBLM’s Brand Intimacy Report, the health and beauty industry ranked

third. MLBM defines brand intimacy as “an essential relationship between a person and

brand that transcends usage, purchase and loyalty."

Chanel was ranked as the most intimate brand in the industry. Also in the top 10 was

bareMinerals, Olay, MAC, Dove, L’Oreal, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown.

Retail sales in the beauty industry has grown globally by 4.5 per cent every single year

over the last twenty years, so it’s clear to see that the industry just keeps getting bigger.

brand loyalty word cloud

It’s safe to say that that all important personable touch is essential in the beauty industry,

look into ways you can make your brand or business seem more personable to increase


A great way to appear more personable is to add variety and personality to your business,

such as allowing each beautician to choose their own beauty tunic or beauty uniform. We

offer a wide selection of salon uniforms to help you do just that, in a variety of cuts and

colours. Browse our beauty uniforms today.

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