Working when pregnant – things to consider

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting, tiring, joyous, demanding times of any woman’s life (well before the baby arrives anyway!).

Of course there are many factors to take into consideration such as breaking the big news to family and friends, preparing for the birth, choosing a name for your new son or daughter and, perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of any pregnancy, balancing work with the upcoming life-changing event that is having a child.

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We can’t weigh in on what name you pick for your little bundle of joy but we can help you through the work side of things with our tips below:

Letting your boss know

It is completely up to you when you decide to inform your work colleagues but we do highly recommend letting your boss be the first in the know. Organise a catch-up with your employer when you feel the time is right and let them know you are pregnant and when the anticipated due date is. At this point you can get all of the information you require about the company’s maternity leave and set plans in place for when you will be taking your maternity leave.  When your employer is made aware of the situation you are then entitled to time off for antenatal appointments.

Coping with symptoms

Morning sickness, headaches, a complete lack of energy and exhaustion are all common in the early stages of pregnancy. Carrying on as ‘normal’ might not be feasible if you get hit with terrible nausea and it is ok to let your boss know how you are feeling. Don’t be afraid to take a day or two off if you find your symptoms are too severe to make it through a full working day.

Get the right clothes or uniform

Feeling comfortable at work is important at all times but particularly so when you are growing a tiny little person inside you. If you are a beauty therapist, nurse, pharmacist or medical professional who is required to wear a work uniform then invest in a high quality maternity tunic.

At Diamond Designs Uniforms we design and manufacture wrap-around maternity tunics that are ideal of the beauty industry or healthcare professions.


Our popular maternity tunic is made with ties so it expands with your bump making it excellent value for money!

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