Tips for buying nurses uniforms

Nurses face a variety of challenges on a daily basis in their workplace but choosing a uniform should not be one of these challenges. If you are in the process of trying to find a new uniform, here are a few key things that should be taken into consideration when looking for medical scrubs or tunics.

nurse uniforms

What to look for while buying Nurses Uniforms

  • Given the nature of the work you do and the demanding environment that you work in, it is vital that your nurse’s uniform is a comfortable fit and moves easily with your body.   
  • Before investing in medical scrubs, make sure that you research your employer’s chosen colour scheme. If there is no set colour required, then we recommend you choose strong, dark colours that will hold stains better.
  • At Diamond Designs Uniforms, our range of nursing tunics all have front pockets and for good reason. In your line of duty, pockets to store the various equipment involved with your job is an important feature of any uniform.
  • Don’t compromise on quality to save a few pounds. Purchasing a nurses uniform made from high quality fabric might cost a bit more but in terms of longevity and durability it is worth it.
  • At the end of a long shift the very last thing you want to worry about is washing and ironing your uniform for the next stint so when you purchase buy at least two tunics…enough to do a full working week!
  • A clean cut design that looks professional is another aspect you want to search for when shopping around for a new uniform. As a nurse, looking good is often one of the last things you have time to think but choosing a uniform or nurses tunic that sits right on you and makes you feel good will give you a well-earned boost when going about your everyday duties.

With over 25 years experience under our belt, the team at Diamond Designs have developed a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing excellent quality nurse uniforms for hospitals, nursing homes and childcare facilities across United Kingdom and Ireland.


We insist on only using the best fabric and this commitment to quality has made our medical uniforms amongst the most popular in the healthcare industry. Comfortable to wear but hardworking just like you, our range of nurse uniforms can be viewed here.

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