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The end of June was certainly an interesting one, during which the UK chose to leave the EU- which came as a shock to many. Despite this, the beauty industry of course continues to thrive, but could Brexit have implications on the industry, and what else is going on?


Brexit and the Cosmetics Industry

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Through Brexit we can expect to see a lot of change, but as negotiations take place it should be a few years before the UK beauty industry see’s any change. For the cosmetics sector, all existing laws and regulations currently remain exactly the same, and that all products sold in the UK must continue to comply with European Cosmetic Products Regulations, which includes requirements related to safety, labels and of course the ban on animal testing. For now regulations stay the same, as does much else when it comes to the beauty industry, the only thing to be aware of is that some products may become more expensive in the future if they are imported.



Beauty Industry Embraces Brazil

Ahead of the Rio Olympics, Brazil inspired beauty is the latest trend to hit. The main areas of excitement include the Brazilian butt lift, which includes backing fat from the back, hips and belly and placing it on the buttocks to create a fuller behind. The Brazilian blowout is next up, which is a keratin treatment to help control frizz, working to smooth curls and repair damage to the hair.



We are also currently feeling inspired by Brazilian hair, with golden brown being an increasingly popular shade. Waxing and body contouring is also on the up. When it comes to body hair silky smooth is the Brazilian way, with the Brazilian of course being a popular waxing treatment. Alongside a silky smooth finish, body countouring is also popular in Brazil, as is ‘turbinada’ massage, which users rollers to tone and reshape the body.


South Korea Dubbed Beauty Capital of the World


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Beauty regimes from South Korea have slowly been taking over the UK market. With their up to 18 step skincare routine replacing our once three steps, we are now investing in multiple skincare products to promote youthful and healthy skin. Korean women are said to spend twice as much on beauty products than the UK.

The technology and ingredients behind the Korean beauty products are said to be the most innovative and advanced in the world, and this is catching on in the UK, with many of us longing to get our hands on the latest Korean beauty products.

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