Salon Small Talk: Understanding your Unique Clients

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In the beauty industry, each and every client is different. Some days you might find that everybody wants to be your best friend, asking your advice and confiding in you, and with others it’s like trying to draw blood from a stone.

It’s important to take the time to understand each individual client, and when we say understand your client, we don’t mean by asking them lots of questions, more so reading them to gauge whether they’d prefer to take some time out to be quiet and left with their thoughts, or whether you should turn on the gift of the gab and have a good old gossip.

Here are some top small talk tips, to help you better understand your unique clients’ needs, to ensure they keep coming back.

Don’t be afraid to ask…

If you have a new client and you’re not sure of the approach they might prefer, try asking a few questions once you have started their treatment, such as ‘are you having this for a special occasion?’ or, ‘have you got much planned for the weekend?’. You can quite quickly gauge whether they are interested in entering into conversation with you, if they reply but don’t ask you any questions, that may be a clear sign that they want to be left to themselves, but they may also be a little shy, so don’t be afraid to ask a few questions while you figure this out. If they do want to be left to themselves, they will appreciate you leaving them to it after making a little effort to begin with.


All the attention…

In your line of business, you will of course experience polar opposites. You’ll find you come across very reserved clients who just want to relax in peace, and on the flip side you’ll have clients that want all your attention and expect you to behave like they are the most interesting person to have set foot in your salon.

These people just want to be fussed over. While some of us see the salon as a chance to escape and relax, others want a good old chat and to just have someone listen to them. You’ll quickly workout whether your client wants you to ask them lots of questions and show a real interest in them, or if they would rather just talk to you and have you listen and offer advice when necessary. Those who want you to ask lots of questions will give you full answers, providing lots of details, but are unlikely to ask questions back, and those who just want you to listen, won’t even need to be asked questions to get them going.

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Putting a little effort and time into understanding your clients’ needs will go a long way to retaining your customers, and just requires minor adjustments for each client. Further more, you can ensure you always look the part, with our beauty tunics and salon uniforms.

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