The Ideal Beauty Uniform to Suit your Role

When it comes to finding the perfect beauty uniform to suit what you do, at Diamond Designs we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a beauty therapist, a salon manager, a mobile therapist, a hair dresser, a dentist or a nurse, we have a wide variety of stylish uniforms to suit your need, that you’ll look smart and professional in too.



For beauty therapists, mobile therapists and salon managers, our range of beauty uniforms offer the ideal option. We stock a variety of styles and colours, including beauty tunics and salonwear. If you are a mobile therapist, particularly if you run your own mobile business, you can select a uniform that suits your branding perfectly, to create your own signature look.



For those who work in a salon and have the luxury of being able to choose your own uniform, with our range of salonwear you can choose something that suits your style perfectly, and helps you standout, while looking professional and stylish.

 Salon wear

As a salon manager, you may want to differentiate yourself from other members of staff. With our wide range of colours, this can easily be done, while still maintaining an overall ‘look’ for the business. We also offer our 3 for 2 collections, ideal for salon managers who want to bulk buy uniforms for their therapists.

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Hairdressing Uniforms…

Alongside our beauty uniforms, we also provide hairdressing uniforms. Perfect to suit the hairdresser style, our uniforms offer practicality and are stylish and comfortable. Choose from dresses, trousers and tunics for your hairdressing uniform, in a variety of colours. If you run your own salon, you can ensure a professional style is maintained throughout. Whether you want to create a signature look for all your therapists, or you want to create a colourful and eclectic look that’s professional too, with our range you can do just that.

Hairdressing Uniforms 

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Healthcare Uniforms…

For those who work in the healthcare industry, we provide a variety of uniforms to suit your needs. Based in Ireland, we know that unlike nurses in the UK, nurses working in Ireland need to provide their own uniforms, which is why we offer a variety of healthcare uniforms, perfect if you are a nurse, dentist or aesthetic practitioner. Being able to choose your own uniform can be a real positive, enabling you to choose something you feel comfortable in, while still looking stylish and professional.

 Healthcare Uniforms


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If you are planning on purchasing a new uniform, don’t forget we also offer free postage to the UK and Ireland, and also provide a 3 for 2 collection for when you need to order a few uniforms at once!



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