Dress to impress with a Diamond Designs Jumpsuit Beauty Uniform

At Diamond Designs Uniforms we have developed a reputation for listening to our customers. So when you told us you wanted to look great and feel fashionable at work, we listened.

Long gone are the days of feeling embarrassed or dowdy if someone spotted you wearing your work uniform.

In a beauty or spa uniform from the stylish Diamond Designs Uniforms collection, you will always be dressed to impress.

The latest addition to our fashion-forward range is the beauty uniform jumpsuit.



Whoever said you can’t look trendy in a work uniform clearly never met our team of designers!

Combining fashion with practicality, this jumpsuit beauty uniform is the answer to your workwear dilemmas. 

Featuring a gold zip and pockets to the front and back, the Diamond Designs jumpsuit uniform is available in black or moss green.


We have to say both colour look absolutely amazing on and we’ve already received lots of positive feedback from customers who have showcased this spa uniform with a twist.

Ideal for chic urban day spas and sophisticated salons, clients will undoubtedly be impressed with beauty therapists so elegantly attired.

And as if you needed further convincing as to why the jumpsuit is a must-have item in every wardrobe, here are a few more benefits to this staple wardrobe piece:

  • Can be worn all year round
  • No need to worry about matching tops and bottoms (we love a quick fix!)
  • Flattering on every body shape and size
  • The one block colour will elongate shorter frames

The Diamond Designs jumpsuit uniform is also perfect workwear for front-of-house staff, make-up artists and nail technicians who want to give the right vibes about their brand to clientele.

The jumpsuit can be worn with flats during the busy work day and glammed up with heels at night for any evening events or product launches in the salon (not to mention those hard-earned after-work drinks!).

Made from a luxury French performance fabric called Natura, the beauty therapist who chooses a jumpsuit as their work uniform will not have to sacrifice comfort in order to look good. The highly modified polyester filament gives the wearer the ultimate in long-term performance and offer unrivalled colour retention with excellent size and shape stability.

For further details on this latest product and to shop the Diamond Designs jumpsuit collection, click here.

P.S. You can get free shipping to the UK or Ireland when you purchase two or more items!

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