The most popular summer beauty treatments

Summer is coming! Don’t panic…there is still lots of time to get your body beach-ready for that sun holiday you’ve booked.

For beauty therapists, the summer months can be the busiest in the calendar with people emerging from their winter hibernation and ready to flash more flesh.

The removal of hair, the pampering of nails, the exfoliation of skin… just some of the most in-demand treatments at this time of year.

As a beauty salon owner, now is the perfect time to start advertising beauty treatments and packages for Summer 2016!

Manicures & Pedicures


Tis the season to start wearing sandals and exposing our toes so as a result we want those toes looking lovely! Whether your lounging around in flip flops or wearing strappy stilettos on a summer night out, pedicures are a must-do treatment for a lot of women when the weather gets milder. And when they are in getting the toes preened, why not go the whole hog and also get a manicure. As a savvy beauty business owner, consider offering deals on mani/pedi packages.


The winter has few advantages but perhaps one of the rare benefits to the chilly season is the guilt-free trend of ignoring waxing rituals. After all, when your covered in trousers, tights or leggings why stress about getting de-fuzzed! Of course, this does a massive u-turn with the arrival of summer when we flock to our trusted waxer for some well over-due hair removal. Make sure you remind your customers (both existing and potential) through your favourite marketing channels (such as Facebook, Instagram, Email etc.) of the waxing treatments available in your salon.


When the weather starts warming up, most people prefer to opt for a lighter make-up routine. The heavy foundations of the winter months get ditched for dewy, natural looking alternatives. With the trend towards ‘au natural’ more women will be looking to treat their skin to facials to achieve that radiant glow so let them know that you provide the best facials around!


By now we are all well aware of the dangers of over-exposing our skin to the sun’s harmful rays. The more popular option is to fake it and for those of us not blessed with ‘at home tanning application’ skills, a spray tan from a beauty therapist is the easiest way to achieve a natural-looking, all-over bronzed effect (without the sun burn!). The spray tan becomes a hugely popular treatment for clients during the summer, especially for upcoming weddings, birthdays, hen parties or other special occasions.

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