The Beauty Brands to be Inspired by…

  The beauty industry is a truly inspirational one, and one we should feel proud to work in. When you’re running your own beauty business, it can be tricky to stand out among the big contenders, but there are some brands that you can draw inspiration from, to build a strong beauty brand that stands out.


Sephora is one of our favourite beauty brand, primarily because of how fantastic their content marketing is. The French brand are on the ball when it comes to their digital marketing, regularly creating on brand tutorial videos and marketing them through blog posts and social media updates. The beauty brand creates the ultimate personalised customer experience through their website, where makeup addicts can post their own photos and share their favourite looks. What’s more is Sephora have even created their own contouring app, which works by allowing users to upload a photo of themselves to learn how to contour for their face shape. Top tip: Draw inspiration from Sephora and take a really personable approach to your marketing. Really consider who your customer is and what you can offer them in terms of experience that other beauty brands don’t, to keep them coming back for more.   homepage sephoralogo 040915 image   Birchbox All of a sudden, the monthly beauty subscription box has gone big. There are loads of options when it comes to beauty subscription boxes, but Birchbox are still one of the leading brands. Something Birchbox has done differently from the beginning is produce their own magazine, which is a crucial part of their business plan. This unique approach sets Birchbox aside from the competition, with content being the best way to differentiate your business and add value to the customer. Top tip: Think like Birchbox and create an online ‘magazine’ via your blog, or use email marketing to send your audience engaging content they wouldn’t find elsewhere, it’s all about adding value. birchbox   Smashbox Smashbox is all about the social experience, which sets them aside from other makeup brands. Smashbox have built an on-site social shop, which allows users to connect to their social profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter and see which Smashbox products their friends like. It’s not even necessary to connect up your social accounts, users can still see the most popular comments and leave comments about their favourite products. This instantly makes the Smashbox experience interactive, and subtly promotes their products in a sociable and fun way, and in a way that’s helpful to anyone interested in Smashbox. Top tip: Always keep in mind your clients’ interests and enjoyment at the forefront of your business plan. If you can come up with something that’s enjoyable for people to use and helps them when it comes to beauty, but also promotes your services, you’re onto a winner. download     There are so many fantastic beauty brands smashing it in the industry, take time to discover the brands you really love to draw inspiration from. While we’re on the subject of beauty brands, we’re always here to help with your beauty business, with our salon uniforms and beauty tunics. We can help you add that personal touch to your salon, with our wide variety of salon wear uniforms, which you can shop here.

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