Dental Uniforms

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Nursing Uniform Tunic T1

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Nursing Uniform Tunic L2

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Nurses Uniform Tunic 401B

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T2 Navy/Turquoise

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T3 Navy/Green

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Stylish Dental Nursing Uniforms

Diamond Designs presents a trendy collection of dental tunics and uniforms, a range of tunics both for men and women that are as comfortable as they are stylish. When you work in the healthcare industry, having a uniform that is smart, professional looking and that which allows ease of movement is essential. Our selection of dental nurse uniforms are all that and much more. We understand that nurses are on their toes most of the day and nursing uniforms should be able to withstand their hard routines, while providing the wearer complete comfort, while looking professional. The nursing uniforms collection at Diamond Designs has been made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of nurses and doctors in the Dental industry, making them a great option for those who want their uniforms to be in step with their daily routines, fashionable and practical.


  • The tunics are made with a high-quality, durable material; a mix of cotton and polyester that lasts long and is easy to care for as well.
  • You will find tunics in an array of minimalistic, modern designs, on point with the latest in fashion.
  • Built to ensure maximum comfort of movement and ventilation.

Browse through our range of Dental uniforms and choose an urbane and classy tunic for yourself.


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