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Men's Scrubs – Tunics and More!

If you’re looking for the perfect tunic for male nurses, then you’ve come to the right place. From classic to contemporary, we have designs that are practical as well as stylish. Each one of our Male Nurse Tunics is made with a fabric that is not only durable but is also built keeping in mind the hectic routines of those in the medical profession. The cotton twill weave fabric used to make these scrubs is a blend of cotton and polyester, lending excellent shape & size stability to the fabric. This blend of fabric contains a highly modified polyester filament that gives the wearer the best in long-term performance, along with providing absolute ease of movement. Another great quality of this fabric is its inherent wickability, something that is crucial for medical uniforms.

When you think of male scrubs, not many stylish options come to mind. Well, not anymore. Our collection of nursing uniforms for men has tunics in classic & modern styles that are completely professional, with a dash of fashion!


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