Medical Uniforms for Hard-working and Nurturing Professionals

Medical professionals  do not have it easy. Long working hours, stressful situations and ever-demanding nature of their jobs can make  days at work unusually tiresome. At Diamond Designs Uniforms, we manufacture medical uniforms keeping in mind this reality of the medical profession. Our medical uniforms and scrubs are made from Polycotton fabric (a mix of cotton and polyester) – which is the recommended fabric for healthcare professionals. It's a breathable fabric which is tear-resistant and feels soft against the skin.

This category of uniforms includes designs that facilitate your movements at work and help you get you through the hectic routine without feeling claustrophobic in your scrubs or nursing uniform.

Diamond Designs Uniforms offers stylish and elegant designs of physiotherapy and occupational therapy uniforms for both men and women. Our collection offers sleek, comfortable and fashionable designs that make you look crisp and ready to perform every day.


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