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Beauty Uniforms in Cotton – The simple, subtle magic of comfort!

It is time to  say goodbye to  uncomfortable and boring work wear options. Welcome the comfort of cotton clothes that fit like second skin and add that touch of breezy elegance to your everyday dressing, all this while looking and feeling professional to the core. Cotton, a preferred fabric for a humid working environment is breathable, natural and absorbs sweat. It does not irritate or cling to the skin, and is highly durable and easy to maintain. Cotton is also  a good conductor of heat, meaning it will keep you cool when the temperature is here, which is what we all want in the summer!

Whether you are a beauty expert, a spa therapist or a healthcare professional, our range of eco-friendly cotton uniforms and salon wear will let you carry on the day's tasks with  little effort. Here's a quick look at what makes our cotton collection a must-have !


The uniforms are made of high-quality 100% combed cotton.

  • The texture of the garments is feather soft, leaving the wearer feeling light and relaxed even on the busiest days.
  • Crease-resistance, 100% color fastness and non-shiny texture is achieved with 100% Natura on the outside,  perfectly fit the requirements of the professional space.

Shop for the ultimate stylish beauty uniforms and make a statement every single time you enter your workplace.


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