Simple Steps to Make your Salon Stand Out

With an ever increasing number of beauty salons, day spas and mobile beauty therapists opening up in towns and cities across the country, it is becoming essential that you make your beauty business stand out from the crowd.

Your establishment might be beautifully decorated with the best trained staff, but you still need to make your mark by offering a service that will get people talking (for all the right reasons).


Here are a few ways to achieve this:

Carve out a niche in the market

Trying to be all things to all people is a recipe for disaster. Focus on offering a small number of high quality services instead of having everything on the menu! The best publicity your beauty salon or spa can get is word of mouth from satisfied customers and you will get rave reviews from happy clients when you are the best. Decide if you are going to position your enterprise as the go-to wax bar in the area, the best manicure/pedicure salon around or the place to go for beautiful make-up application. When you’ve identified what you offer best then make sure to shout about it via advertising and marketing.

Develop and maintain relationships

All successful businesses are built on steady relationships. In the beauty salon or spa environment, therapists need to strike a balance between professionalism and friendliness in order to build a trusting relationship with clients. By putting in the time and attention to developing positive client relationships you will be rewarded with repeat business, client loyalty and glowing reviews. Your salon will stand out from the crowd if it is known as the place with the friendly, expertly trained staff as opposed to the place with the rude therapist who rushes through treatments!

It’s about more than image

Treat staff well by fostering team spirit and rewarding hard work. When your staff are happy it will naturally lead to a happy, positive vibe in the salon. Clients pick up on this vibe and will spread the word about the great energy and atmosphere in your establishment – this ambiance is something that can’t be achieved simply through décor or image.

Competitive prices

Don’t mistake competitive prices with under-valuing the price of your services. This simply means taking the time to investigate and analyse the prices competitors in your area are offering and seeing if you can go a step further. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go lower than a competitor, make sure you highlight why your salon’s treatments are worth paying those extra few pounds – the latest technology, the best trained staff in town, the highest quality products? Determine what makes you better and market this message to potential clients.

A winning combination of great products, exceptional staff and great rates will ensure that your salon always stands out from all the other ones in your area!

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