Boost your Beauty Salon Business during Quiet Months

Are you looking for new salon clients? Have you run out of ideas to boost your beauty business?

Unfortunately, every salon will go through quiet periods. The slow months tend to occur in particular after the Christmas rush and before the summer sun arrives.

Attracting new customers or enticing old customers to return can sometimes prove a tough nut to crack but with a few savvy marketing moves, you can keep clients coming through the doors at a steady pace throughout the year.

Seasonal offers

The festive season is an obvious busy time but there are many other holidays and special occasions worth promoting.

Make plenty of noise about the beauty treatments and spa packages available at your premises in the build-up to celebratory days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patricks Day and Easter. 


These occasions offer huge marketing potential for the clued-in beauty entrepreneur and can be big earners during an otherwise sluggish time.

Partner up with local businesses

Identify businesses in the area that have a similar target market to you and approach these businesses to organise cross-promotional activities. Hairdressers, wedding photographers, boutique owners, gyms and fitness clubs can be fruitful business partnerships in order to boost your exposure and increase sales. 

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You can agree to post about each other’s venture on social media platforms, pass out business cards to each other’s client base or allow promotional posters in each other’s properties – all of these present golden marketing opportunities to tap into a new client network.

Introduce a Friend

Encourage your existing clients to bring along a friend or family member by offering an attractive incentive.  According to research the majority of people will consider a recommendation from a loved one over any other kind of promotional activity so by providing long-standing customers with a reward (e.g. a discount or free products) for introducing new people to your business, you are more likely to grow and maintain a loyal client base.

Get Social


We are big believers in the power of social media to grow your business and we’ve talked about it in-depth here. But just to stress the point AGAIN, if you don’t already have a strong, engaging presence across a variety of social media platforms then you need to get developing an online marketing strategy as soon as possible. Make your social profiles look professional, post about stuff your audience is interested in, keep it up to date (i.e. posting once a month isn’t going to cut it) and interact with your followers (by holding competitions, asking questions, replying to private messages) and you will reap the benefits.

When you do get the clients in through the door, make sure you create a great first impression with a smart and professional appearance. Our stylish range of beauty uniforms and beauty tunics will dress you for success. Shop our collection of salon uniforms.

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