Beauty Salon Decor

When clients walk through the doors of your beauty salon or day spa it is important they are greeted by a welcoming ambiance and décor.

By taking the time and effort to ensure your salon appears to be a comfortable and relaxing space you will greatly boost return visits and prompt happy clients to refer your business to family and friends.

An interior design that wows visitors is an instant way to create a positive first impression.

And choosing the right colour and feel for your spa is a great tool to reflect your overall business brand.

Are you presenting the idea of an oasis of calm? Or would you prefer your salon is labelled as vintage? Is trendy and colourful the look you are going for?

 Decide on the image you want your salon to project and then set about bringing your dream décor to reality.

In case you find yourself stuck for inspiration, we’ve put together a showcase of our favourite salon styles:

Vintage/Shabby Chic Salon Decor

The vintage and shabby chic look is definitely here to stay. A popular theme for everything from weddings to decorating your home, the demand for old school fashion continues to grow and grow. Vintage-style furniture and adornments somehow bring the novelty factor and appeal to all generations. Here are some great examples of this décor: 


From the photo frame to the cute lamp and the amazing mirror on the back wall, we ADORE everything about this!


What a statement piece! The colour just pops out and it’s an eye catching way to store products in your beauty salon.


Work the vintage theme with this stunning wall display of old-time, hand-held mirrors.


Plush carpets, glitz and an aura of decadence are what spring to mind when we conjure up a glam-looking day spa. Let’s allow a picture to paint a thousand words by showing these prime examples of glam-tastic interior design:


This has it ALL! Everything screams luxury and if we were paying a beauty trip here we would automatically assume we were in good hands!


This is glam, feminine and we really, really want to lounge on that sofa!

Cool & Sophisticated 

To bring this décor to life in your salon or spa, think simple, classic colours (nothing says classy like black and white), minimalistic appearance and clutter-free space. Examples of this look at its best include:


Yep, we can easily picture ourselves chilling out here enjoying a hot stone massage!

day spa decor

We don’t know why but the simplicity of the white walls, dark shelves and bright pink door just makes us want to go here!

simple day spa decor

That does it – we’re officially away to book a spa weekend somewhere luxurious!

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Image Source: Pinterest

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