3 Ways to Really Annoy your Beauty Therapist

Beauty therapists are generally known to be a very tolerant group of people.

Patience, composure and an aura of calm are all part and parcel of being a great beautician.

But everyone has their limits and like other mere mortals, there are certain things that can push us completely over the edge.

And seriously people, do you want to annoy the person holding the waxing strips? We think not!

So in order to maintain a peaceful diplomacy between therapist and client, here is a helpful list of things to NEVER, ever do, say or assume about your beauty therapist.

1. Never Show Up Late for that Appointment


It is just plain RUDENESS to arrive twenty minutes late for a treatment, offer no apology and expect your therapist to simply smile and say 'no problem, I wasn't doing anything anyway...me, busy? Not at all'.' You see, while all clients are valued, there is nothing more irritating than the client who thinks the entire day revolves around her or his timetable. For the most part, beauty salons are very busy places and therapists often see clients back-to-back with barely enough time to gulp down a cup of coffee, so it goes without saying that when you fail to show up on time it puts everything and everyone under stress for the remainder of the day. Of course life does get in the way from time to time and showing up late (or not at all) can't be helped. However, sauntering in the door a half hour behind schedule because you simply lost track of time while enjoying a latte with your buddy and expecting to be treated straightaway...well friends, let's not even go there!

2. Assume Beauty Therapists are too Stupid to do Anything Else


Oooh this one drives us beauticians completely la-la. We trained hard to qualify as a beauty therapist and believe it or not, we actually decided to pursue this career path - it's not something we had to settle for because all the other jobs were taken or we didn't do well enough in school to study anything else. So please refrain from looking down your nose at our chosen profession.

3. Ignore our Advice


Like we already mentioned, we put in the hard slog to qualify as a beauty therapist and after years of studying and working in the field, well we reckon we actually know a thing or two about the old beauty game. And if we politely insist that blue eyeshadow and red lips isn't the look you should be going for, then please listen to us. We hate to utter the words 'I told you so' so don't give us any ammunition.

What is your pet hate as a beauty therapist?

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