3 Tips for Hiring the Best Beauty Therapists

It is impossible to overstate the importance of excellent staff in a beauty spa.

Employing beauty therapists that are not good, but GREAT, at what they do is a key ingredient to maintaining the long-term success of your salon.


To help you hire the right fit for your business we’ve put together these tips for finding (and keeping) a hard-working, talented workforce.

1. Identify what you are after

The secret to sourcing the best beauty therapist to join your team begins with clearly identifying the skills currently lacking in your salon. Write down a list of main attributes that you want from the next addition to your crew. Do you need a therapist that specialises in waxing, massage, nails or a combo of all of the above? Taking the time to think about the qualities and characteristics you are after will filter out the time wasters and save a lot of time when it comes to the interview stage.

2. Decide what questions to ask in an interview

It’s a well-known fact that interviews are a nerve-wracking experience for the interviewee but what about the interviewer? If you have little, or zero, experience of conducting an interview the process can prove equally as intimidating for the person in charge of asking the questions. Preparation is the key in this aspect of the hiring procedure. Some people prefer the casual, conversational style of interview and this has its perks. For one thing, the person being interviewed is made feel more relaxed and as a result you can get a better insight into their personality. However, it’s important when the interview is at an end you have determined:

  • Can they do the job?
  • Are they a good fit for my business?
  • Will my clients like them?

3. Check references


This may seem like an obvious one but some salon owners are guilty of taking beauty therapy applicants at their word and taking on new staff without doing a background check. It is CRUCIAL you check references and qualifications to ensure the new addition to your beauty salon can actually do what they say they can. Remember this is your business and a beauty therapist not up to your professional standards can cause immense damage to your reputation.

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