10 Things Every Beauty Therapist Can Identify With

There are some things in life only a beauty therapist will understand. Like the importance of baby wipes, the constant smell of fake tan and the pain of working EVERY Saturday.

We’ve put together a list of 10 things we’re sure all you long-serving beauticians are all too familiar with.

Nod your head in agreement if this is your life…

1. Lunchtime is not a term you are familiar with

You have heard friends working in other professions talk about these ‘lunch time’ phenomenon’s but you have yet to experience one…unless a sandwich scoffed in between treatments counts?! 


2. Friends and family members are great guinea pigs

During the college years all your friends and family were great models for a wax or tan experiment…well you had to master your craft on someone! And now in repayment they expect you to provide free treatments on demand.


3. The pleasure of popping a blackhead…

It might sound disturbingly disgusting to all you non-beauticians but it’s the simple things in life. 


4. Offering life advice while analysing eyebrows

You’ve mastered intently listening to your bestie’s latest drama while also making a mental note to sort out her brow situation (when the moment feels right of course!). Assessing the eyebrows of every person you meet without even realising you are doing it…well, it is a curse you just have to endure. 

5. You will never forget the fear of doing your first bikini wax

But successfully disguised the inward terror with a reassuring face of calm collectedness…


6. You don’t even see body parts anymore…

Boobs, bums, bellies…when you’ve seen one you’ve seen em all!


7. Your diplomatic skills would get you a gig at the United Nations…

Explaining to a client with these eyebrows…


That THESE eyebrows aren’t going to happen overnight…


8. Monday is the BEST day of the week

While the rest of the world gears up for another rodeo you be like…


9. You understand trade-offs with your colleagues…

‘Spray tan me, I’ll tint your eyelashes’


10. You have to be cruel to be kind…

When someone asks if their ‘moustache’ is really that noticeable…alas it’s your job to tell them the harsh truth (and hope they don’t hurt you in return for your brutal honesty).


If these made you nod your head in agreement, then share with your fellow beauty therapy buddies and spread the LOL’s.

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