Which Beauty Uniform Colour Suits You Best

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When you’re wearing your beauty uniform up to five days a week, and in some cases even more, you want to ensure it suits you so that you feel confident and comfortable. Understanding your colouring, and the colours that look truly fantastic on you can go a long way to ensure you always look your best. Read on to find out which beauty uniform colour suits you best…  

Which Color of Beauty Uniform Suits You Best?


Green suits those best who have an olive skin tone. If your skin tans easily, you have dark hair and dark eyes, green is an ideal beauty uniform colour for your colouring. We stock a variety of styles in your moss green shade, which works particularly well for those with darker skin and dark colouring. Try our Jumpsuit Uniform in moss green for the perfect option for you.   JUMPSUIT MOSSGREEN 01  


A warm toned purple works well for those who have a warm tone to their hair and eyes. If you have chestnut brown hair, copper brown hair or dark golden blonde, purple is a great choice for you. Further more, purple works well with those who have hazel or light green eyes. In a gorgeous warm purple and a professional and flattering cut, our Rosie Dress is perfect for you.   ROSIE PURPLELINEN 01


Black offers a great go to shade for all colourings, whether you have dark or pale skin, or blonde or black hair, black can look smart, professional and classic. If you are very pale, try to keep very dark shades away from your face, opting for black trousers and a lighter tunic to avoid being washed out. For everyone else, black can provide a great beauty uniform shade, try our Kathy Tunic.   beauty tunic  


The perfect shade for those with lighter colourings, brown is ideal for paler skin tones and light blonde hair. Creating an earthy, natural and flattering feel, brown is ideal to perk up paler skin, bringing out the warmer tones in both skin and hair. An ideal brown beauty uniform for those with pale skin and blonde hair is the Hazel Dress. salon uniform  


Grey is a gorgeous colour for those with dark brown or black hair and for all skin tones. Providing a simple and classic colour that adds a great alternative to black or white, grey is a super flattering shade and ideal for beauty professionals. Try the Kathy Tunic in Grey Linen for the perfect grey beauty tunic. beauty tunic  

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