Tips for keeping your beauty uniform looking beautiful

You work hard all day at your place of employment, but spare a thought for your uniform. Worn on a daily basis while you go about your duties, work uniforms are generally thrown in the corner or back into a dark wardrobe at the end of a long day and picked up again to go through the same routine on your next shift.

care for your uniform

Well take it from us, if you want get a long life from your uniform you need to show it some TLC from time to time.

Whatever industry you work in, beauty or healthcare, nothing kills a professional image more than stained or damaged uniforms.

A well-cared uniform will look better for longer so we decided to help you get the best from your work clothes with these tips for looking after your tunics, trousers or dresses

Buy more than one:

If you work in a beauty salon or alternatively, in a healthcare environment, you probably work a full five-day week. By investing in two or three uniforms to wear you will have enough clean uniforms to take you through from Monday to Friday (or Tuesday to Saturday as the case may be for beauty therapists!). By having more than one uniform sitting in your wardrobe, you will cut back on having to wash a single uniform constantly. This will also help to reduce the wear and tear meaning you will get longer out of your uniforms.

Take it off…

When you get home at the end of your work shift make sure to take your uniform off straightaway. You don’t want to wear the clothes you’ve been working in all day while you catch-up on the housework, cook dinner or chill out with family. It also means you are less likely to have any accidental spills from dinner, a cuppa or a hard-earned glass of wine! 

Read the labels…

We hate to sound like your Mother, but labels weren’t put there for the fun of it so take the time to carefully read the label with washing instructions before you pop it in for a rinse and avoid ruining your uniform in its maiden wash!

Tackle those stains immediately…

We can advise you to avoid any spillages but for most of us mere mortals, a spill or stain on clothes just happens every so often. When it does, make sure you tackle the stain as soon as you can and use the correct stain removing technique.

At Diamond Designs Uniforms, we manufacture our uniforms using only the best quality fabric which allows for easy and straight forward maintenance and washing. View our full collection of beauty uniforms.

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