Summer Friendly Beauty Uniforms

Summer is just around the corner and as the weather heats up so do your busy salons! The last thing you need is to be uncomfortable at work, wearing a uniform which sticks to your skin. Here at Diamond Designs Uniforms, we have over 25 years’ experience of styling and customizing uniforms, helping you to look and feel great. Our Diamond Collection uniforms provide ultimate comfort, and will keep your body feeling ventilated throughout those hot Summer afternoons. We use breathable natural and linen look fabrics to ensure you keep cool in humid weather. We use only the highest quality materials and with a variety of colors and styles available. Below we have listed our best Summer friendly uniforms to help you survive the summer. Read on to find out more:   diamond designs

Beauty and Spa Dresses

Dresses are a great way of helping to keep the body cool, as well as a maintaining a polished and professional look. Our classic square neck Rosie Dress designed with linen fabric is perfect for keeping your body cool and ventilated throughout the day. Rosie dress Keeping the feminine flair intact, our Hazel Tunic Dress has a natural look and texture, which keeping your feeling cool throughout the day. Perfect for showing off Summer bronzed pins too!  

Beauty Tunics

Striving towards a professional and polished look, our Tunics are made of high-quality, quick-dry, non-iron and easy-to-care for fabrics. With a contemporary style and new-age fashion aesthetics, our light-weight Tunics are perfect for wearing during the Summer. In particular, our Kathy Tunic is equipped with a stylish V-neck and cap-sleeves, helping to keep arms ventilated throughout the day. The lightweight fabric and side seam zipper allow extra comfort and smoother movement. Beauty Tunics Our Nicole Tunic is designed with luxury performance fabric with natural elements that ensures durability and long term performance of the uniform.  


The most innovative and stylish uniform which is far from the usual tunic design, our Jumpsuit is great for wearing during the Summer. With its lightweight fabric and easy movement design, our Jumpsuit can maintain durability during a long day in the salon during Summer. Keeping your body cool and at ease, our jumpsuit is designed with the most luxurious materials to always ensure comfort is at a maximum standard. JUMPSUIT Here at Diamond Designs Uniforms Uk, we offer a wide range of styles, colours and designs to find something best suited to you. Designed with the finest and lightweight materials, we offer a friendly, reliable and very helpful customer service if you have any further questions on your purchase. Shop our latest designs here.

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