How to Style the Jumpsuit Uniform



One of our favorite pieces this season is our jumpsuit uniform, and it’s safe to say it’s one

of yours too! Since launching the beauty uniform has been a best seller and it’s clear to

see why. With a flattering cut and comfortable fit, the jumpsuit is both professional and

stylish, and a little bit different to your average beauty uniform.

With so many of you loving this piece, we thought we would put together a guide to style it,

to help give you uniform styling inspo…

Simple styling…

The jumpsuit is such a striking design, it doesn’t need an awful lot added to it to create a

salon signature style, particularly if you opt for the bolder moss green shade! With the eye

catching gold zip up front, neat collar and military style pockets to the chest, the jumpsuit

only needs a few little details to add that extra oomph and make the style your own.


If you love the black jumpsuit, try matching the zip with a few pieces of gold jewelry, a

chunky bangle and delicate studs looks perfect with the jumpsuit. A pair of simple pumps

teamed with the jumpsuit is ideal, especially if you’re on your feet all day, we love black. Or

if you want to go for something a little bit different, try nude patent loafers or add a pop of

colour with a bright brogue, try a pastel pink and match your lipstick to it too.

If you go for the moss green jumpsuit nude pink accessories look gorgeous, and

compliment the earthy shade of green perfectly. Try a nude pump or loafer to add a

feminine but practical touch, the jumpsuit is best styled with flats, and best of all this will

save your feet from being very achey come the end of the working day! Try adding a few

simple pieces of accessories, such as pale pink stone studs and a similar ring, or opt for

black studs and simple gold pieces.


The jumpsuit is available in sizes 6-24 and is super flattering, making it ideal no matter

your shape or size, and we are offering free postage when you order two or more items, so

stock up while you can.


Our salon uniforms and beauty uniforms are all of high quality, made from material that will

keep you cool and comfortable all day, and our jumpsuit uniform is no different! You can

shop our jumpsuit uniform here, and for our wide range of beauty and spa uniforms shop

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