Wedding Day Make-up – 5 Steps to Getting it Right

Every bride wants to look absolutely flawless when her big day rolls around.

Let’s face it, you’ll never again get the same level of adoring attention as you get when you say ‘I do’.

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On the day when you are the star, you want to soak up the fun and laughter with family and friends, enjoy the constant camera flashing and not worry about how your make-up is holding up under all the scrutiny!

Here are 5 tips to achieving the perfect wedding day make-up look.

Get a skin-care routine

Don’t wait until the night before the wedding to start worrying about your skin. In the weeks and months leading up to D-day, indulge yourself with a proper facial skincare routine. Invest in products that work, book regular facials and don’t forget to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! If you show your skin plenty of TLC in the build-up to the wedding day mayhem, you will be rewarded with a glowing complexion that provides the perfect base for your make-up. 

Trial it before you decide on it

Avoid a complete meltdown on the morning of the wedding when you realise you detest your make-up by going for a trial or two beforehand. At least this way you will know exactly what to expect when it is showtime. Consult with your chosen make-up artist and don’t be afraid to show photos of make-up looks you like and dislike. By trying a few different styles, you will soon discover what works on you.

Keep it natural


Timeless and elegant – that’s probably the look most brides are trying to achieve so make sure the make-up colours you opt for reflect this theme. Radiant skin, softly defined eyes, subtle lips all combine to create classic, picture-perfect wedding day make-up that won’t have you cringing when you open up the wedding album in years to come.

Waterproof mascara

Even the toughest of tough have been reputed to shed a few tears on the day they marry the love of their life. Unless you want panda eyes before the final speech has been toasted, we HIGHLY recommend a waterproof mascara!

Don’t forget to touch-up

Of course the plan is that your make-up stays in tact all day long but with the hugging, the crying, the laughing, the dancing…there is a high probability that you will need a minor touch-up throughout the day. So make sure your bridesmaid has a few essential items close to keep your make-up looking flawless from the ceremony right through to the DJ’s final set. 

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