Very British Beauty Rituals

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We all enjoy taking care of our skin and finding new products that can provide a flawless finish. Cultivated from years of beauty rituals, each culture adopts a different beauty regime, tailored to their skin type.

For the English rose, British beauty rituals have been adapted over time, using the latest and innovative ingredients that can nourish and flatter skin. Bringing us the Beatles, Burberry and of course The Spice Girls, Britain have always pioneered new trends and styles, including their beauty rituals.

Here are some of the best beauty rituals that you can achieve at home. Cultivated from centuries ago, many British beauty steps are still used today...

The Red Lip

The perfect British style staple that always stays on trend. The signature red lip has always been admired by British beauties. Perfect against the English rose porcelain skin, red lipstick has been admired for centuries. First accounted for on the Mesopotamian women, British women soon adopted this sultry style and has since been used to inject colour and add a little glamour.


Four Step Cleanse

Many culture adopts a cleansing and moisturising regime on skin, featuring multiple steps and innovative ingredients. Over the past few decades, skincare has been adapted and refreshed, helping to tailor specific skincare and give flawless results. Loved by British women, many stick to a 4-step skin care regime including: exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise.

English Rose

Every culture knows the British beauty as an English rose. The rosy cheeks, porcelain skin and red lip, many British women still idolise this signature look. Accentuating the British natural beauty, this look has also been admired by many other countries. Helping to give a subtle flush on both the cheek and lips, this look in perfect for a vintage daytime glow.


Signature Style

For British women, many of us stick to a signature style which is enjoyed for decades. Obviously excluding the 90s blue eyeshadow and unforgettable black lipstick, as we get older we find signature products that we simply can not live without.

For many British beauties, a simple winged eyeliner or nude eyeshadow can be our simple beauty staples.

Natural Beauty

Although many of us enjoy getting glam for an evening out with friends enjoying drinks, many British women simply enjoy a simple and dewy look. Keeping makeup simple, the latest beauty craze BB cream has been favoured by women.

Helping to give a slight coverage, whilst enhancing skins natural glow is a perfect way to show off those English rosy cheeks.


Our very British beauty rituals have been admired for many years, and some of the classic styles adored by women will still be used in centuries to come.

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