Top Five Beauty Twitter Chats to Take Part in

Every week all over Twitter thousands of scheduled chats take place. One of the largest

spoken about topics via social media is beauty, with thousands of bloggers and industry

professionals gathering to talk about the latest looks, products and treatments. Get your

chat on via Twitter to boost your business, raise your profile in the industry, or just chat

about what you love best.

Grab a glass of wine or a cuppa and get ready to talk all things beauty with our favourite

beauty Twitter chats to get involved with...

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1. #beautychat

Taking place every Friday at 7pm UK time, #beautychat is one of the most popular beauty

focused twitter gatherings. Simply login to Twitter at 7pm and search the hashtag to see

what everyone is talking about and join in, or start your own conversation by tweeting with

the hashtag.

Beauty bloggers are an enthusiastic bunch, so you better be in the mood for a good

gossip! Make some connections, meet new faces and build awareness of your influence in

the beauty industry.

This one’s coming up tonight, so grab a glass of wine and get involved!


2. #cfbloggers

On Thursdays at 9pm, this is the ‘cruelty free’ chat, which often largely surrounds cruelty

free products and treatments in the beauty industry. A good one if you’re passionate about

this, especially if you focus on cruelty free products and treatments in your beauty



cruelty free bloggers

3. #crazybloggers

Described as a chat for the ‘slightly unhinged’ bloggers, you don’t have to be completely

insane to join in with this one...but it probably helps. On Thursdays at 9pm, chat all things

blogging with the bolder of the blogging bunch. This chat typically involves a lot of beauty

talk, and some pretty outlandish and witty comments, so brace yourself!


4. #blisschat

Another successful blog chat, #blisschat takes place on Fridays at 2am, so it’s one for the


5. #bbloggers

Probably the most well known beauty blogger chat in the UK, this talk is run by

@bbloggerschat and takes place at 8pm every Wednesday and Sunday. There’s usually a

specific topic up for discussion on the night, so try to avoid wading in with a random beauty

comment that is completely irrelevant! Do your research, get a cuppa and a biscuit and

revel in the fact that you can freely chat beauty with like-minded people, while working to

raise your profile in the beauty industry.


We love a beauty gossip online, particularly when we come across lovely ladies who

already own one or two of our beauty tunics. Not familiar with our styles? Why not browse

your 3 for 2 collection online while you’re getting ready for your next beauty chat.

Which beauty chats do you like to get involved with? Comment here and let us know!

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