Top 5 Apps to Help you Run your Beauty Business

beauty apps for business In the digital age there are millions of apps available. Within these, a small selection have been designed specifically for the beauty professional, but with there still being a lot to choose from, how do you decide which the best app is to help you run your beauty business? Here are our favourite five, which we are sure will save you time and money, and ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible…

1. StyleBiz

With StyleBiz, you can run all of your marketing platforms in one place. The free app even helps with strategy, coming up with tailor-made marketing plans specifically created for your business. Run social media campaigns, email marketing, loyalty programmes, promotions and advertising all in one place, and track your results. Further more, the app can help you understand better where you should be focusing your energy, as it selects the marketing actives and tools that will add the most value to your business. Price: Free

2. Salon Iris

beauty tunics Easily manage your appointment book online in one place, with client information, product sales and card transactions as well as appointments. Salon Iris is ideal for the salon owner, mobile therapist and beauty therapists who rent a chair. Every month you can also generate reports for your business, from salon sales to product inventory, to ensure you keep on top of everything in the most cost effective way. Salon Iris can be used on desktop, tablet and smart phones. Price: 30-day free trial 3. Square Make payment processing simple and take payments through your tablet or smart phone with Square. Up the luxury level and take payments from clients right from the convenience of their swivel chair, and avoid spending money on expensive card processing software, with this easy to use payment processing app. Price: Free 4. TapStyle This great all round app features appointment booking, employee scheduling and account management, all specifically designed for the small beauty business. Manage customer satisfaction with an easy to use customer search, schedules and bookings with a drag and drop calendar. Keep track of clients’ treatments and progress, by easily adding pictures and styles to profiles. Manage clients and staff in one place, with TapStyle. Cost: $14 per month 5. Beautylish salonwear Stay on top of trends and the hottest styles and keep clients coming back with Beautylish. A one stop for all things hair, make-up and beauty, the app keeps you up to date, meaning you don’t have to waste time researching trends. Alongside ensuring you are up to date, the app also let’s you know which the hottest brands are to keep up with demand. Cost: Free Beauty Business apps can help you stay up to date with the industry, as well as manage, promote and run your business, all designed to save time and money. Keep things professional at all times, with our range of beauty uniforms, ideal for salonwear, designed with the beauty therapist in mind. We regularly offer promotions too, to help you keep costs down even more. Checkout our 3 for 2 collection on beauty tunics.

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