The Vegan Beauty Brands we Love

Vegan Beauty Brands

Vegan beauty and products that have been ethically produced are on the rise. With more and more consumers being more conscious of the products they use and the treatments they have, every salon and beauty professional should consider this market. In order to ensure you don’t alienate those who choose to use vegan certified products only, add a vegan range to your product selections to keep up with this ever growing market. Here are our favourite vegan beauty brands to consider…

PHB Ethical Beauty

PHB Ethical Beauty

Family run PHB Ethical Beauty are an award winning ethical beauty brand. Home to the world’s largest range of natural, vega, cruelty free and halal certified beauty products, each and every product is handmade in the UK, the brand do not test on animals. The extensive ranges include skin, hair and body care products, mineral cosmetics as well as male focused products and natural remedies for various skin complaints. At current the brand produce over 200 products, meaning you can hand pick the perfect collections to suit your clientele. Founded by Rose Brown, who is a vegan herself, for every sale of PHB Ethical Beauty products, 20% is given charity. Each product is also made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, providing the skin, hair and body with goodness.




Providing the ideal manicure and pedicure vegan alternative, the AILA nail lacquers are vegan, free from parabens and gluten free too. AILA states that the nails are porous and can absorb the harmful chemicals in traditional nail varnish products. AILA provide a safe alternative, free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Alongside their lacquers they also provide essentials, such as their coconut nail and cuticle therapy cream, and vegan friendly remover. With a wholesale side to the business, it’s easy to order products to provide a vegan friendly manicure and pedicure service.




CutECOsmetics offers the ideal place to stock up on vegan beauty products. Providing a variety of products that are eco, organic, vegan and cruelty free, the family run business aims to provide the ever growing market with all the beauty products they need. Created for the conscious consumer, CutEco Cosmetics believe that looking great doesn’t have to hurt the planet, and they handpick the best of vegan, natural, organic and cruelty free cosmetics. The ideal place to browse if you’re not sure which vegan brand to invest in, the brands stocked include Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, theBalm cosmetics, Lunatick Cosmetics Labs and many many more.


Consider adding a vegan range to your salon, to keep up with this ever growing market.

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