The 5 Products Every Girl Needs in Their Handbag


If you’re anything like us then your handbag will be overflowing with everything but the kitchen sink. Makeup, keys, books, you name it and we’ve probably had it stuffed in there at one time or another. So, it’s time for a spring clean, and to decide what we really need to keep by our sides during the busy working day or a leisurely stroll to the nearest coffee shop. If you need some inspiration then here are the 5 products we think every girl needs in their handbag.

makeup brush

Face powder

If there’s one makeup item we crave during a long day, it’s a good face powder. Whether you’ve started to look like you’ve been covered in grease or you just need freshening up, blotting a little powder over your face will instantly restore your complexion. It also doubles as a compact mirror too! Bonus!



Coming to the end of a long day and not smelling your best isn’t what dreams are made of. We prefer the smell of fresh flowers or juicy fruits to keep us going into the evening, so having a perfume on hand is one of our must have items. If you only have a small handbag, try a mini rollerball to keep yourself feeling clean.

Hand Sanitizer

How many times have you been in a public toilet, only to find there’s no hand wash? For us, the quick and easy solution is a good ol’ hand sanitizer. Not only do these mini gels keep your hands clean and fresh but they smell great too!

lip balm

Lip balm

Sure, we love a lippy as much as everyone, but, in times of need a lip balm can be more than just a quick fix. Got chapped lips or just want a plump pout? Lip balm can solve any beauty nightmare in super speedy time. If you’re planning after work drinks, try a tinted lip balm for a sexy, fuller pout.

Hair grips

And the award for most likely to end up at the bottom of your bag are…. Seriously though, hair grips can be a lifesaver if you need a quick fix for your hair. Twist up your fringe, plait your hair and clip it, the possibilities are endless. Even if you just fancy doing some quick and easy nail art, hair grips are the answer!

What are your handbag must haves? Tell us in the comments below.

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