Teenage Beauty Mistakes We All Made

We have all endured our fair share of beauty mistakes down through the years. In particular, the teenage days of bad skin and hormonal mood swings was a time of highly questionable beauty routines.

Of course experimenting is all part of the adolescent phase but there are some things we would rather forget. Unfortunately, photographic evidence of rather interesting make-up choices still exist…but woe betide the person who exposes any of these cringe-worthy decisions on social media.

Beauty mistakes we’d rather banish to the back of our minds include…

Sudocream was the answer to all skin problems

Does anyone else remember going to bed with a face lathered in inches of Sudocream?! Rumour in the school halls had it that any impending spot would disappear overnight if covered in the wonder cream. 

Pan stick make-up

One word…WHY?! This was long before the benefits of contouring were discovered. Slapping on the old pan stick make-up across your mug every morning was about as far as it went in terms of clever concealing!

Blending make-up wasn’t high on our list of priorities


God, the sheer mortification of walking around in public with a face three shades darker to the rest of your skin. Looking back, we now realise there is nothing attractive about a make-up line that ends just below your chin!

Glitter…glitter everywhere


As a teenager it seemed there was no such thing as too much glitter (unless of course you were a member of the Goth tribe in which case black eyeliner was your God). Does anyone else remember rocking glitter eyeshadow, glitter bronzer and (most embarrassing of all) glitter lipgloss?!

Clear mascara

This was all the rage but we're still not so sure what purpose did clear mascara actually serve?

Pony-tails so tight they actually hurt

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Scraping your hair onto the highest possible point on your head and securing it without about 5 hairbands in the hope it would stay put for the day. 

Too. Much. Everything.


Subtle and sophisticated wasn’t really high on the agenda when we were teenagers. The general rule of thumb when it came to make-up application was ‘more is more’. If only we could have a good chat with our 15-year-old selves and tell them ‘noooooo’!

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