Q&A With Jamie Nunn

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We sat down with celebrity nail technician Jamie Nunn who strives to offer the best in nail-care and affordable luxury treatments. After starting his own business, Matilda-Rose, Jamie continues to drive for expansion, seeking up to 5 additional salons in the next 5 years.

Read on to find out his top tips to success and his favourite Diamond Designs beauty tunic...

Were you always interested in a career in the beauty industry?

No not at all I was working for an electrical retailer (which i hated) and went with my friend to get her nails done and there was a training opportunity at the salon which I went for and the rest is history. So I totally fell into it by chance!

What made you want to start your own business?

I decided to start my own business after working for some of the nail industries biggest brands and at the time nobody seemed to support my vision when it came to standards and spending money to make money. Something I still believe hugely in, so i thought to myself "you either carry on making someone else money and being stifled or take a risk and go it alone." So along with my amazing assistant Sue Kemp, I got as much money together mainly from my nan and grandad and my parents and took a risk which in the end paid off. There were lots of fraught times when I doubted myself and whether I was doing the right thing but I carried on and in the end it paid off and in 2010 I was made head of nails for X-factor and then everything started falling into place. The final chapter was meeting my partner Stephen who from day 1 was always pushing me to do more and believing in what a great business model we had. So he came on board on a full-time basis and we expanded the salon which was the best thing we ever did. We now struggle to keep up with the demand, so much so that we have put plans for additional salons to be opened in the next 5 years

Do you have any other employees?

Yes we have 6 members of staff working us at the moment.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

In the next five years I see the business growing to have opened hopefully 5 salons, we have a product line in the pipeline and lots of other ideas that hopefully will come to fruition.

Do you wear a beauty tunic when providing treatments when providing treatments to clinics?

No only for the pure reason that I have to go between being a technician and a businessman on a regular basis, but all the staff wear tunics as I think it gives a really professional look and makes it easy for clients to identify who is staff and who's not.

What is your favourite Diamond Designs tunic?

The Eva tunic


How do you manage your business online?

We use online services a lot, advertising is the key one we regularly update our website with our offers and we use Facebook a lot to keep in contact with clients, book appointments and promote the business and staff.

How important do you think social media is for beauty businesses?

Social media is the biggest tool for our business and i think if used correctly it is for all businesses. For example a tweet from a celebrity client generates such interest from new and old clients. Also reviews via social media are amazing because its word of mouth recommendations online giving people who haven't been to the salon the chance to get an idea what everything is all about.

Are the any accounts you follow to keep up with the latest beauty trends and tips?

I like to follow session stylists and make up artists who I have worked with as well as one I haven't because the whole industry is like a huge family and you never know what a connection could lead to. Some of my favourites are Kimme keys, Tom Bichak, Kim Kimble and Alex Babsky.

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

My fave treatment at the minute is the chemical foot peel pedicure that I create a while back, it really is amazing the amount of dead skin that it removes from the feet. It's very satisfying to see the feet looking rejuvenated and fresh!

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We want to say a big thank you to Jamie for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope this has been helpful! If you would like to get involved to feature on our next Q&A blog, then send an email to: blog.diamonddesigns@gmail.com

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