How To Build Your Brand On Instagram

In the new digital age, almost everyone is online including consumers and brands. If your brand is not online or using social media, then typically it is very hard for the modern day consumer to find anything about your business.

Unfortunately, the days of rummaging for the yellow pages and calling people are long gone, and consumers are now reaching out to social media to find new businesses and also to find reviews from other customers.

With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to keep up with the demand. What is crucial is to find what your brands niche market is and if your business can adapt to the visual world of Instagram. Especially for those in the beauty industry, using Instagram is a great way of showcasing each of your products, along with showing future consumer some of your results in the salon during the day.

The Instagram community has grown to over 400 million users during this past year. Despite the impressive reach that Instagram can give to businesses, many are still overlooking increasing their marketing potential.

Therefore, we have listed together some top tips to help you to build your brand on Instagram. Read on to find out more..


Build A Following

Building a large following on Instagram can help your brand in multiple ways. The accounts with larger followings appear much more credible to the consumer, especially for those looking out for reviews on your business.

Try Partnering with other beauty accounts as this is a great way of increasing your following. Endorsing other accounts with unpaid shout outs and crediting other accounts for a few of your posts is great for networking with others on Instagram, which can actually help to increase your following.

However, for those with a budget for paid shout-outs, try to target beauty and lifestyle accounts with large followings where at least 2%-3% of their followers like their content on a regular basis.





Create Enjoyable Content

In order to build a following, you need to be creating content that your target market find enjoyable. For many in the beauty industry, our target market is ideally women, therefore researching into what content they find enjoyable is crucial.

Specify who exactly you are targeting in terms of age and style, what are they interested in when scrolling through their feed? It is crucial to meet the needs of your consumers or you may just find your customers hitting the unfollow button. Try to keep your beauty posts interesting and compelling. Adding lifestyle posts as well as salon results in a great way of engaging your audience.





Do Your Research

Fostering a community on Instagram is essential to help build your following, but also to have your brand mentioned across multiple beauty accounts. When first starting out on Instagram, do your research. Look into beauty blogs and other lifestyle accounts, see what they are doing, what works well and what doesn't. If they are targeting a similar following to you, which of their posts are consumers finding most engaging?

You will also want to look into what times your posts will generate the most reach. These are the crucial times that most of your following is online, therefore will be more likely to see you posts. The usual timings vary from 9am, 12pm and 3pm. However, it is still essential to research into your market and find out which times are best to post.




Using Instagram strategically can provide exceptional potential for your business. Follow these simple yet strategic tips that can help you to build your beauty brand on Instagram.

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