Five Hair Trends We Hope Never Return

One thing we can be sure of in the realm of hair trends is nothing will ever stay in fashion. New celebrity styles, bizarre colours, trends we promised ourselves we would never try, we all have a catalogue of images showcasing our embarrassing styles throughout the decades.

However, we were not alone in these horrific hair trends. Many of us will laugh with friends and family about our embarrassing bleach disasters or using so much hairspray it was surprising to us that we were even able to move our heads.

To help you to fully embrace and reminisce back to your embarrassing days, we have gathered together five hair trends that we all hope never return!

Read on to find out more….


bad hair day

The Perm

Before the days of GHD straighteners and softening curling tongs, most of us headed to the hairdressers to get a bigger and better perm style. It was the biggest and best style that many young women loved throughout the 80s. The bigger the better in our eyes. The poodle like curls and the hair-raising style, a style that many of us would like to erase from the photo album!


perm hair


The Mullet

If there is one hair style that should not return, I put all my votes forward to the mullet. Extremely popular during the 80s, most men described their hairstyle as 'the party at the back, business in the front.' Well we hope neither make a return, and despite making somewhat of a comeback during the 21st century, we are glad this never took off!


Bad 80s haircut



All of you Spice Girls, Britney Spears loving 90s kids will certainly remember the crimping phase. Spending hours sectioning each part of our hair, making sure every application was crimp perfection, before being left with hair-raising results. Although crimping has made a swift return, the look is now styled to a much softer look, resembling to soft beach waves instead of a modern 80s perm!




Anything With Butterfly Or Jewelled Clips

We were all guilty throughout the 90s of overloading our hair with butterfly or jewelled clips. Creating fake cornrows or simply just pinning our hair back, those tiny little clips used to rule the hairstyles of the 90s. Not so fun when accidentally standing on them during the night, finding these tiny clips on a busy morning used to create all kinds of stresses, especially if they were not colour co-ordinated. We are glad these clips were left in the 90s!


90s hairstyles


The Two Strand Up-Do

Forget the super slick back ponytail, during the 80s and 90s no ponytail or up-do was complete without pulling two strands of hair to wear either side. Favoured by celebrities such as Jennifer Love-Hewitt, you were not alone if you were a fan of this hairstyle.


90s hair



Most of us fully embraced one or more of these hairstyles and I'm sure there will be plenty more trends that we hope to forget! Hairstyle trends are forever changing, so keep a style that makes you happy! 


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