Building your Beauty Brand Online: Content Marketing



The illusive ‘brand’ is something we are all trying to work towards. Your brand goes so much further than your logo and your name, it’s every single thing you put out there; your social media, your website and blog content, your brand imagery and every move you make online. Today a large focus is put on building your brand online, as it provides a fantastic platform to market yourself to your audience. There are various ways you can build your brand online, to create a loyal following of customers, who love everything that your brand stands for…



Blogging is a great way to increase business, at Diamond Designs we love the blogging and create new content regularly! Through posting relevant and helpful content, you can drive more traffic to your website, meaning more eyes on your business, working to build brand awareness.

Blogging can work in a variety of ways, through blogging you can: build a loyal readership, improve search rankings with SEO optimised content, be seen as a leader in your industry, drive more traffic through to your website, add another element to your social media and give people a reason to visit your site again, keeping you at the forefront of their minds.

Blog about what you know best; beauty! Blog content shouldn’t be obviously self promotional, so try blogging about the latest trends, offering up tips and advice and insider knowledge.



Social Media

Today 30% of women have admitted that social media influences their buying decisions when it comes to beauty. With so many beauty bloggers, we often turn to the internet to help us decide what product to buy next, or to find out what is the latest miracle treatment.

In the beauty industry it is key to build a strong presence via social media. We recommend being active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all of which have a strong beauty following.

Keep your content relevant and on brand, and always focus on adding value, keeping your target market in mind at all times.


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Email Marketing

Perfect teamed with your social and blogging campaigns, a regular email marketing campaign is a great way to keep your customers up to date and engaged with your brand. Create a weekly email newsletter to remind your customers of what you are doing, keep them up to date with developments in the business, such as new treatments, new product lines and new members of staff. Again your focus should always be on adding value, so experiment with your content, offering tips and advice, and promoting exclusive offers and discounts.

Building your brand online is just the start, and of course your brand in person must represent all your hard work online too. Part of that is your brand image, and that’s where we come in. We provide professional beauty uniforms, including beauty tunics to ensure every member of your team looks great.

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