Beauty Trend Alert – Fur Nail Manicures

ATTENTION trend-conscious beauty therapists – the latest craze spreading throughout the wonderful world of beauty is a demand for fur nails.

‘W.T.F?’ I hear you exclaim!

Yes, you read it right…people now want fur (faux fur of course) stuck on to the tips of their talons. 

fur nails

Forget your Shellac and Gelish nail polish – shiny is being replaced by furry this year, according to the beauty experts.

We thought rocking glitter or diamonte nails was pretty adventurous but we ain’t seen nothing yet.

The strange new nail look first appeared on Libertine’s Autumn/Winter 2016 runway at New York Fashion week last month and has been trending online across beauty blogs and social media ever since. 

Developed by artists at the renowned CND Design Lab (these are the folks who produce nail art for heavyweight designers like Oscar de la Renta and Caroline Herrera), the furry nail art sensation took almost 200 hours to create.

Jan Arnold  (the same lady who brought us Shellac nails) is the brains behind the operation so everyone is taking note and watching with interest to see if the fad becomes the next must-have beauty treatment.


Furry Nails – How To:

So how does it work? Well, each nail is coated with Vinylux Weekly Polish in one of two shades – the grey-brown Rubble option or the off-white Cream Puff colour. Next, brown or white fur (depending on your personal fur preference) is glued onto the top of the nail using Super Shiney High-Gloss Top Coat Polish. And just like that you are in ‘vogue’! 

Furry Nails – In Real Life:

It sounds like a bit of fun and we’re always up for trying out new things but can you imagine going about your everyday life with fur-like fingertips? What happens when you wash your hair? How about washing your hands? And when you go to scratch an itch…we can’t see furry nails helping that situation.

Furry Nails – Industry Reaction:

Needless to say, since its revelation at New York Fashion Week the notion of fur nail manicures has plenty of people talking. Reaction has been very mixed with some hailing the concept as downright ‘disgusting’ while other more open-minded individuals are jumping on the bandwagon to try it for themselves.  

What do you think? Can you see this being in-demand at your beauty salon?

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