6 Bizarre Beauty Treatments…

The weirdest ways to look ‘good’

Since the beginning of time us humans have willingly tried and tested very strange treatments in a quest to achieve society’s idea of beauty.

Those of you working in the beauty industry know that when it comes to looking great, a lot of people will happily try ANYTHING!

And the wackier the treatment the higher the price tag. From a bird poo facial (yup, that’s an actual real thing) to a snake massage (sounds delightful!), here is seven procedures you won’t find available in your ordinary beauty salon.

1. The Bird Poo Facial


Well we mentioned it in the intro so we better explain what this bird poo facial is all about. Better known as the Geisha facial this is pretty much what it says on the tin - purified bird droppings are expertly mixed with rice bran and water before application. This unusual face mask, dating back to ancient Japan, apparently results in glowing, radiant skin. 

2. Vampire Facial


Sticking with the facial theme, another ‘not your average’ face treatment is the so-called Vampire facial. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are rumoured to have given this treatment a whirl. It involves injecting your own blood into your face for a more youthful appearance. Hmm, we’re on the fence about this one and if you faint at the mere thought of blood then steer well clear!

3. Vajacials


Kinda like a facial but for another particular part of your body the ‘vaj-acial’ is designed to do for your lady parts what a facial does for your face (obvs!). This four-step process is ideally performed a week after waxing. The skin is first cleansed then exfoliated before a therapist extracts ingrown hairs. A calming mask is then applied to the area and voila, your ‘down there’ is in tip-top condition.

4. Snake Massage


This is one we will certainly not be signing up for – we draw the line at snakes! But we felt it our duty to tell you about it anyway. Simply put, a pile of snakes slither along your back and supposedly work out those tough knots more effectively than a regular old massage therapist. FYI – we do not recommend you try this at home!

5. Soaking in a Tub of Wine


Ok we chickened out at the thought of a snake massage but reckon we could live with this one. We’re all aware of the de-stressing benefits a glass of red can provide but did you know the wonder drink can also firm up skin? TheYunessun Spain Japan has a gigantic tub of red wine where clients can soak up all the grape goodness. We’d prefer to drink it (call us old-fashioned) but if we find ourselves in Japan we’ll give it a go!

6. Placenta Face Cream

Made from sheep placenta protein extract, famous peeps like Madonna are fans of this face cream. According to researchers the placenta ‘improves the metabolic processes’.  Will you be offering any of these treatments in your salon anytime soon?

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