5 Steps to Clear, Radiant Skin

Clear, radiant, naturally glowing skin is a beauty goal we all desire. Imagine the freedom of going out in public make-up-free without worrying glances or queries about your health!

‘No, I’m not sick people, this is just my mug au natural.’ 

Some people of course are genetically blessed with a beautiful complexion but daring to bare is something a lot of us can only dream of. However, all is not lost for those of us the beauty gods didn’t smile on! Achieving perfect (or at least, decent enough looking) skin is do-able if we exercise a little self-discipline and stick to a few tried and tested formulas.

clear radiant skin

A healthy, balanced diet

Surprise, surprise but a diet of coffee, takeaways and wine isn’t the way to go. We’re not saying go complete cold turkey and the odd treat is allowed but try to stick to a balanced diet combining plenty of fruit and veg. The benefits of eating nutritious food will show on your face!

Drink water…lots of it

It’s an oldie but it’s a good one. Naturally hydrate your skin by trying to consume up to two litres of water on a daily basis. Don’t get bogged down in trying to count your h2o intake but a little effort goes a long way. By sipping water at your desk all day, or on the go as you drop the kids to school you will be slowly working on cleansing the body and flushing out toxins from your system. Needless to say, this will help achieve that healthy glow.

Sunshine is not your friend

We love nothing better than feeling the rays of the sun on our skin but as we all know by now our skin most certainly does not return this love! Make sure your daily moisturiser has a high factor sun cream in the mix. By including this as part of the daily routine you will prevent against anti-aging and sun damage.

Take off your make-up

Removing all your make-up the nights that you have an extra burst of energy isn’t going to cut it here. We’re talking about taking off your make-up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Taking the lazy way out and dragging a face wipe across your features before hopping into bed will lead to dirt and grime building up, pores clogging and the arrival of pimples and blackheads.

Pamper yourself

Indulge in face treatments from the experts from time to time. Nothing beats that feeling straight after a facial! Keep an eye in local beauty salons and spas for special offers and book in for a course of facials if you feel like splurging out on yourself. Beauty therapists can advise what cleansers and moisturisers work best on your skin and give professional tips on how to get that natural, radiant glow!

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