10 Reasons You Became a Beauty Therapist

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In the beauty industry lots of assumptions are made about your career choice right? Everyone seems to have something to say about it, from your friends and family managing to make a running joke of it, to strangers making snap decisions about you based on your job, before they have even learnt your name. The truth is in the beauty industry you work damn hard, and most of you love your job! So here’s 10 reasons to feel smug about working in the industry, the next time someone questions you about it…


1. You’re passionate about what you do

So few of us can proudly claim we are passionate through and through about what we do, but the truth is the beauty industry is something to feel really excited by!


2. You love the social aspect

When working in beauty, you get to meet new people everyday, all of whom are unique and interesting, meaning while doing your work you can socialise too and learn more about people you otherwise never would have met.


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3. The beauty industry is rapidly growing

Few industries move as quickly as the beauty industry, and each year it is rapidly growing. That’s exciting to be a part of, and as the industry grows you grow with it too.


4. You get to try the latest products first

Who wouldn’t love getting their hands on the latest miracle product?!


5. You like helping people

An outsider may chuckle at the idea of a therapist being compared to a doctor, but at the end of the day you are helping people just as much, making them feel more confident in themselves and their looks which can have a hugely positive impact on people’s lives.


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6. You have the skills to treat yourself

So many of us would kill to be able to give ourselves the perfect manicure or wax, you have those skills!


7. You meet great likeminded people

As mentioned above, the beauty industry is a sociable one, and you’ll make best friends for life at work, with likeminded people who share your passion.


8. You get great benefits

Products at a discounted rate, treatments as part of your package and on-going training so you can keep updating your skills and ensure you keep up to date with the industry.


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9. The industry is diverse

In beauty there are loads of different areas you can get into, depending on your interests. If your focus has been on massage for a few years but you fancy a change, you can train to specialise in another area, keeping your job interesting and diverse.


10. You love what you do!!

How many people can actually say that? Remember that next time someone makes a snap judgement about your job!


Finally, another perk of the job is that you can always look stylish while at work! We provide gorgeous uniforms for beauty therapists, with a wide selection of beauty tunics and modern spa uniforms for you to choose from.

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