Profit Boosting A/W ‘16 Trends to Introduce in Salon

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Staying one step ahead of the up-coming trends can make a huge difference to the success of your salon. Build a brand that your clients can rely on to be ahead of the game, and meet demand when trends become mainstream. From the treatments that you offer and the products you stock, to your salon wear and interior style, being one step ahead of the industry helps you develop an exciting and innovative business.

Plan ahead for Autumn/Winter 2016 to meet demand, here is our full guide to incorporating A/W ‘16 trends into your salon, to boost profits…

Treatment trends…

Knowing exactly what will sell ahead of the season is a smart way to ensure you meet demand. Offering outdated treatments could cause a drop in bookings, whereas offering the latest naturally sparks excitement and demand.

Here are the trends for Autumn/Winter 2016 to take note of:

The Lip: Blackest Blackcurrant

As seen on models at the Dior, Marni and Erdem shows, the biggest lip trend this season is a lacquered black-cherry pout. At the Dior catwalk show, the look was created with Dior’s Rouge Dior in Poison and coated with Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Bulle for a mirror finish. After the matte trend, high shine lips are set to be big. If you offer make-up services, make sure you stock up on black-cherry high shine shades.

Skin: Be Illumiated

For skin this season it’s all about hyper-natural radiance. For some time we have focused on achieving a natural glow, and for this season that focus is amplified. At Valention and Pat McGrath, iridescent powder was used heavily on the cheekbones, eyelids and cupid’s bow, and at Gucci fresh looking skin was finished off with a peachy glow.



The New Liner: Graphic

It’s time to get super creative with liner, as this season calls for a super graphic and sharp liner look. A great trend to get creative with, graphic liner was seen on models for Oscar de la Renta and Kenzo. Go bolder than feline flicks and experiment with colour in angular shapes.

Party Season Look: Glitter

Each year adding a little glitter to your party season look seems to come naturally. For 2016 it’s all about subtle glitter used to high

Key Message for the Season: Don’t Be Afraid to be Yourself

The beauty industry is embracing individuality for Autumn/Winter. Catwalk shows were less ‘matchy matchy’ than ever before, with looks being tailored to suit their own individual looks and style. Whether you are carrying out a facial, party season make-up or a manicure, take the time to really understand your clients’ unique style. Consider adding a style development service, where you take an hour to really understand your client, their style, bone structure and colouring and problem areas, to define for them their own unique beauty style.

Salon style…

Completely revamping your salon style for every season isn’t entirely necessary, particularly if you have created a solid and iconic style for yourself. Keep your classic style, but stay ahead of the trends by introducing small style updates each season, to appeal to a wide audience as trends develop. Here are the interior trends to be aware of for Autumn/Winter 2016:

Copper/Rose Gold

This trend has been increasingly growing since Spring ‘16, and is set to get even bigger for the winter. A trend that is pretty easily to implement, warm up your salon with these pretty metallic tones but adding copper or rose gold accessories. Try magazine wire baskets, copper lighting and rose gold or copper framed mirrors to reflect this trend.


Winter Morning Greys

One of the standout colour trends for the season is grey. From soft furnishings, paint and fixtures and fittings, grey is one of the most popular colours for this winter. Try adding grey toned wood into your salon, easy updates include coffee tables in waiting areas or your reception desk. Add a touch of grey with soft furnishings, you could update your salon chairs, or even just add some soft grey cushions.


Another colour trend for this season is peach, particularly so in a very soft pale shade. The key with the peach trend is adding warmth, and combining the above trends with the peach trend works very well. Just think of a cold winter morning, with your salon reflecting this perfectly with ashy wood finishings, grey soft furnishings, complete with peach cushions and accessories, and finished off with a touch of luxe rose gold.

Salon Staff Style

Along with your salon style, don’t forget about your staff too. A polished look can really add to that high end feel, and choosing to ensure your staff are all on-trend and immaculately presented can go a long way to creating the ultimate experience.

Autumn/Winter calls for dark shades, such as black, grey, navy and deep purple. The ideal way to add a polished look to your salon is to opt for matching salon wear, whether that’s the style such as beauty tunics, or the colour. Kit therapists out in matching beauty tunic styles, or choose to mix and match salon wear, choosing from dresses, beauty tunics and trousers or even a jumpsuit in matching colours.

TUNICS DiamondDesigns


We stock a variety of beauty uniforms to choose from, that enable you to update your salon look for the season, creating a professional look throughout with salon wear uniforms.

Marketing Tips…

The Autumn/Winter season can be notoriously busy, with everyone preparing for party season and all the events that come with it. While it can feel fairly safe to rely on the boom of the beauty industry during this time, it is important to ensure you put a little energy into promoting your services, to ensure you standout above your competitors, you need to give potential clients a reason to book in with you, rather than someone else.

Make your knowledge of trends and the fact that you are ahead of the industry your USP. Keep your audience up to date with your business. Updated your salon interior? Post about it on social media. Just completed a make-up look at reflects the season’s trends? Write a blog post about it and post before and after photos. Introduced an exciting new treatment? Fire out an email campaign to let everyone know. Keep your customers up to date with what you are doing, and make sure you remind them of the benefits of choosing your salon over another.

Don’t forget a lot of today’s marketing is all about word of mouth, particularly online word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to promote a brand new treatment by giving a couple away for free to get the ball rolling. If you can, work along side a few bloggers to help spread the word online. Run a few festive competitions online, host a Christmas open evening with mini treatments to encourage people to book in for more ready for party season, get people talking about your fantastic services and how you are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Don’t forget it’s important to add value to your customers via your digital marketing campaigns. If you are running an on-site blog, avoid writing primarily about your business. This season try blogging about the current trends, essentially educating your followers about what’s hot this season, and of course you’ll be following the trends, so they will know they can turn to you to help them achieve the latest look. The same goes for your social channels- avoid a lot of self promotion and sales focused content. Instead post about the latest in the industry, trends, tips and your favourite looks, to keep customers engaged and subliminally create interest in your services.

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The Autumn/Winter season is an exciting one in the beauty industry, with new trends and treatments to get involved with. Take advantage of this excitement and ensure that it translates to your clients through your business, by introducing new on trend treatments, updating your salon and keeping everyone engaged through digital marketing, events and a great in-salon experience.

If you would like to update your salon look this season, browse our collection of beauty uniforms here. We specialise in creating stylish salon wear, including beauty tunics, spa uniforms and salon wear dresses, ideal to create that polished and professional look for your business.

Which trends are you excited about for the season, and which will you be introducing into your salon? Comment and let us know!

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The Ultimate Guide: Choosing a Skincare Brand for your Salon

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When it comes to the brands you use in salon or through your mobile business, choosing carefully is key. All too often it can be easy to choose to use the brands we are already loyal to, or the brands that we favour due to their clever marketing methods, but it is important to consider your target market, and what would appeal to them most.

At Diamond Designs, we have years of experience working with beauty businesses supplying beauty uniforms, and provide on-going support to the small business owner. In this guide you will discover how to best choose a skincare brand that will boost your business, including our recommended brands. Read on to find out more…

Understanding your customer

The first step to choosing the perfect skincare brand to use in salon, whether this be through treatments, products to up-sell, or both, is understanding who your customer is and what their needs are. It can seem challenging to select a brand that suits each and every client you have, so consider choosing two to three brands that you know you can rely on to deliver great results.

Consider the age of your clientele, their sex, your most popular treatments and the location in which you work in to determine the needs of your clients. Age, of course, comes into skincare as a clients’ age will dramatically effect their skincare regime. If your clientele tends to be of a younger generation, skincare brands that focus on youthful skin and are fun and well marketed online would be ideal, whereas salons with a clientele of an older age will want to focus on keeping skin looking youthful, and so a more classic brand that offers anti-ageing is ideal.

If your clientele is predominately female, a skincare brand that caters to women would work well, whereas if you do have male clients, consider a brand that would work for both, or stock a feminine brand as well as a brand created specifically for male skin, in order to avoid alienating anyone, or putting clients off from booking all together.

The location in which you work is also key to selecting the right brand. When setting up you would have considered the perfect price point for the location, in comparison to the competition and who your target market is, and so choosing a skincare brand to stock is no different. If you focus on luxury treatments, choose a truly luxurious brand that reflects this. If you focus on a lower price point, choose a brand that is cost effective, but still delivers that luxurious feeling.

In choosing to stock a skincare brand, you are making an investment, so it’s a decision that should be considered carefully, to ensure you get the best return on that investment possible.

salon uniform

Consider trends

Trends are essential to take into consideration when choosing the right brand for your business. Firstly it’s important to understand whether your clients are influenced by trends, and if you chose not to stock the latest products, if this might cause them to go else where. When it comes to choosing a skincare brand, you want to offer consistency, products you know well and that you know delivers results, but if you’re looking to choose a brand for the long term, how can you incorporate trends? There are several options here, that enable you to ensure you don’t miss the boat when it comes to trends and high demand.

1. Choose to use a layer system. Select a base brand, that is your go-to, all year round skincare brand, one that you know sells well, provides a good profit and great results, and that you know your clients love. Select a second brand that reflects current trends. For example vegan and all natural skincare is huge right now, so you might want to consider stocking a range for 6 months, and depending on the demand and if the trend is moving out, choose whether to stock the brand again or introduce a new brand that reflects current trends.

2. Choose an interchangeable brand. The second option is to choose one brand that offers a wide range of products, and tends to keep up to date with trends, releasing new and relevant products. This option could prove more difficult at times, as you are relying on the brand to release products that meets client demand, but also enables you to build a long lasting relationship with the brand, and allows your clients to find a brand that they know and love, and will continue returning for.


Do your research

It is important to scope out what your competitors are offering, and understand whether it is better to offer something completely different to stand out, or if you’re going to offer something similar, understand how you can have the edge above them. It’s essential to understand what’s in demand when it comes to skincare, to make sure you can meet that demand, but it’s also worth considering if there is demand that isn’t currently being met by your competitors, so that you can offer something a little different, that you know people will want.

Take time to research what similar businesses are offering, research potential brands and look into the earning potential each brand offers. It’s always a good idea to actually ask your clients what it is they want, taking the guess work out of things. Consider creating a questionnaire to give current clients to fill out, or send it out via email to your database. If you prefer to be less formal, simply casually ask clients when they are in for treatments about their current skincare regime, and the kind of products they like to use. A little big of digging can go a long way!

beauty uniform

Our favourite salon brands


Dermalogica make the ideal brand if your focus is on proven scientific results, without the hype of bold branding and trend driven treatments. For the last 25 years, Dermalogica have been focused improving skin health, through education and innovation, rather than bright and bold packaging and promising miracle results. Dermalogica make a great base brand selection, and are ideal if your business has a clinical feel, with simple design and fuss free treatments.


beauty tunic

Eve Taylor

Offering a range of skincare, body care and aromatherapy products, Eve Taylor offers the perfect go to for professional salon products. Founded in 1963, Eve Taylor is a long standing British brand, that is loved by the patriotic among us. Developed originally as a professional only brand, Eve Taylor products are now also available to consumers. Eve Taylor is a great choice as alongside their wide variety of products, they also create a collection just for men, enabling you to provide both male and female clients treatments and products from the same brand. Login to the professional area to get trade prices and select your products.


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Sothys focus a little more on the luxury of skincare, and provide a professional, yet indulgent range. Sothys describe themselves as a ‘highly sophisticated brand’, and offers the ideal option for a high end salon, with clients who are happy to pay a little more for a little extra luxury. Sothys also offer a limited edition range, which may help you introduce new products to meet demand and create a buzz. Sothys also create a male range, alongside their skin and body care collections.


beauty wear

Don’t forget to also benefit from all the great marketing material that typically comes with stocking a brand. Once you have understood which brands will be highly sought after by your clients, let them know you are now a provider of their treatments and products, after all there is little point in taking such care over choosing brands, if you’re not then going to publicise this to generate more sales and bookings. When in discussion with your skincare brand, ensure you will be able to access hi-res images to promote your services, most brands will be more than happy to help you with this, as if you have success with their brand, they know you will be a repeat customer.

At Diamond Designs we are a leading provider of salonwear to beauty professionals. We love the beauty industry and love being able to offer support to all the unique beauty businesses. We provide a wide variety of beauty tunics and salon uniforms that add that extra finishing touch to any beauty business. You can browse our range here.

Do you have any tips when it comes to professional skincare ranges, or is there a brand that you swear by? Let us know and leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you. 

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The Ideal Beauty Uniform to Suit your Role

When it comes to finding the perfect beauty uniform to suit what you do, at Diamond Designs we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a beauty therapist, a salon manager, a mobile therapist, a hair dresser, a dentist or a nurse, we have a wide variety of stylish uniforms to suit your need, that you’ll look smart and professional in too.



For beauty therapists, mobile therapists and salon managers, our range of beauty uniforms offer the ideal option. We stock a variety of styles and colours, including beauty tunics and salonwear. If you are a mobile therapist, particularly if you run your own mobile business, you can select a uniform that suits your branding perfectly, to create your own signature look.



For those who work in a salon and have the luxury of being able to choose your own uniform, with our range of salonwear you can choose something that suits your style perfectly, and helps you standout, while looking professional and stylish.

 Salon wear

As a salon manager, you may want to differentiate yourself from other members of staff. With our wide range of colours, this can easily be done, while still maintaining an overall ‘look’ for the business. We also offer our 3 for 2 collections, ideal for salon managers who want to bulk buy uniforms for their therapists.

Browse our beauty uniforms here.


Hairdressing Uniforms…

Alongside our beauty uniforms, we also provide hairdressing uniforms. Perfect to suit the hairdresser style, our uniforms offer practicality and are stylish and comfortable. Choose from dresses, trousers and tunics for your hairdressing uniform, in a variety of colours. If you run your own salon, you can ensure a professional style is maintained throughout. Whether you want to create a signature look for all your therapists, or you want to create a colourful and eclectic look that’s professional too, with our range you can do just that.

Hairdressing Uniforms 

Browse our hairdressing uniforms here.


Healthcare Uniforms…

For those who work in the healthcare industry, we provide a variety of uniforms to suit your needs. Based in Ireland, we know that unlike nurses in the UK, nurses working in Ireland need to provide their own uniforms, which is why we offer a variety of healthcare uniforms, perfect if you are a nurse, dentist or aesthetic practitioner. Being able to choose your own uniform can be a real positive, enabling you to choose something you feel comfortable in, while still looking stylish and professional.

 Healthcare Uniforms


Browse our healthcare uniforms here.


If you are planning on purchasing a new uniform, don’t forget we also offer free postage to the UK and Ireland, and also provide a 3 for 2 collection for when you need to order a few uniforms at once!



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Salon Small Talk: Understanding your Unique Clients

how to set up beauty salon at home

In the beauty industry, each and every client is different. Some days you might find that everybody wants to be your best friend, asking your advice and confiding in you, and with others it’s like trying to draw blood from a stone.

It’s important to take the time to understand each individual client, and when we say understand your client, we don’t mean by asking them lots of questions, more so reading them to gauge whether they’d prefer to take some time out to be quiet and left with their thoughts, or whether you should turn on the gift of the gab and have a good old gossip.

Here are some top small talk tips, to help you better understand your unique clients’ needs, to ensure they keep coming back.

Don’t be afraid to ask…

If you have a new client and you’re not sure of the approach they might prefer, try asking a few questions once you have started their treatment, such as ‘are you having this for a special occasion?’ or, ‘have you got much planned for the weekend?’. You can quite quickly gauge whether they are interested in entering into conversation with you, if they reply but don’t ask you any questions, that may be a clear sign that they want to be left to themselves, but they may also be a little shy, so don’t be afraid to ask a few questions while you figure this out. If they do want to be left to themselves, they will appreciate you leaving them to it after making a little effort to begin with.


All the attention…

In your line of business, you will of course experience polar opposites. You’ll find you come across very reserved clients who just want to relax in peace, and on the flip side you’ll have clients that want all your attention and expect you to behave like they are the most interesting person to have set foot in your salon.

These people just want to be fussed over. While some of us see the salon as a chance to escape and relax, others want a good old chat and to just have someone listen to them. You’ll quickly workout whether your client wants you to ask them lots of questions and show a real interest in them, or if they would rather just talk to you and have you listen and offer advice when necessary. Those who want you to ask lots of questions will give you full answers, providing lots of details, but are unlikely to ask questions back, and those who just want you to listen, won’t even need to be asked questions to get them going.

iStock 000078083177 670x320

Putting a little effort and time into understanding your clients’ needs will go a long way to retaining your customers, and just requires minor adjustments for each client. Further more, you can ensure you always look the part, with our salon uniforms and beauty tunics, all of which can be shopped online here.

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The Three Essential Beauty Uniform Items you Need

When it comes to your professional look, it’s important to create a consistent image, for both yourself or for your business. When you’re working around five days a week wearing a uniform everyday, it needs to be versatile, to suit the weather and interchangeable to suit your mood.


wardrobe essentials

We all know how it goes, some days you’ll be in the mood to wear a dress and feel super feminine, others days you just want to feel comfortable, while looking stylish and professional too. Just three simple salon wear items can ensure you look professional and feel comfortable...


The Tunic


A beauty tunic is extremely versatile and always looks super professional. Just a small selection in your workwear wardrobe means you can add variety to your look, while looking consistently smart and stylish. To create a signature look, opt for a simple colour palette, such as black and purple, making your collection easier to mix and match.



For simple pieces, we love our Kathy beauty tunic, which comes in black, grey and our standout lagoon shade. This simple tunic can be layered over trousers and looks really professional.


The Trousers


A simple pair of trousers is a must have if you are a fan of tunic uniforms. Perfect layered with a tunics in a variety of colours and styles, a few pairs of simple and well fitting trousers are the perfect way to complete your salon uniform look.



Choose from our bootleg trousers and our classic cut trousers, both of which are avaible in a wide variety of colours, from class black, to moss green and purple.

We recommend owning a black pair to wear with brighter tunics, and a colourful pair to wear with simple tunics, or opt for all black for a truly classic look.


The Dress


Perfect for those days when you feel like dressing up a bit more for work, or for special events, a beauty uniform dress is the ideal way to look feminine and professional. Beauty uniform dresses are perfect for the warmer months too, and with our gorgeous designs we are sure you’ll wake up excited when the sun is shining, to put on your stylish uniform dress.


We have a wide variety of styles to choose from, but some of our favourites include:


The Rosie Dress- This super flattering dress gets loads of compliments, due to it’s classic and stylish cut. Avaible in black, brown, purple and grey, the Rosie dress is one of our best sellers.



The Anna Zip Dress- With an eye catching zip up front design, the Anna dress offers a stylish and flattering cut, with unique details.


Our range of beauty uniforms is available to shop online, and if you buy more than two items at once you get free delivery! Shop our collections here.

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Tailoring Treatments For Male Clientèle



For most men, continuing with a regular beauty regime needs to leave them with noticeable results in order for them to continue. Male skin is noticeably different in comparison to females and needs a tailored package to suit their skincare needs. The male beauty market is ever growing, don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity and attract male clients.

Here are our top tips of how to tailor your treatment package to bring in a new male clientèle...

Create A Custom Skincare Package

In order to generate more male clients, you need to discover what exactly your male customers want. Similar to women, many have different skin types and problems that they want resolved. Due to excessive shaving, some men may suffer with sensitive skin, therefore a gentle facial cleansing package would be desirable.

Most men are against visiting a beauty salon due to the stigma attached. Not wanting to appear ‘unmanly’, many men may shy away from treatments that are specifically created for a female market. Tailoring your skincare packages to have a much more masculine aura around them may help them feel much more at ease visiting the salon.

Men Skin Care Tips

Making Things Masculine

Although a pamper session is much more desired by your female clients, most men do enjoy a secret pampering too. However, feminine fragrances and certain treatment packages can sometimes put off men from visiting the salon.

Try looking into some masculine scents that are enjoyed by men and try adding some of these to your tailored packages. Try branding your treatments in a more masculine tone, with invigorating and energetic results, instead of setting the treatment as a tranquil and unwinding treatment.

1428428445 moisturizer men skin care 780x330

Try Partner Packages

Most men only ever step into a beauty salon to pick up their girlfriends or sheepishly walk in to buy a last minute gift. However, this could help when it comes to introducing men to your male focused treatments.

Create a few packages that are tailored to suit couples, helping to ease men into a salon environment. Few women are likely to put up a fight at the idea of a trip to the salon, encourage couples to enjoy this experience together, to help show men the benefits of having regular treatments.

small couple massage

There are various ways to increase male clientele, and a professional and stylish image is always going to help work towards increasing business. Checkout our range of beauty uniforms and tunics, specifically designed for beauticians.

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