All professional spa workers and beauty therapists want their salonwear uniforms to fulfil three main tasks –

  1. Remain comfortable and move flexibly as they go about their daily duties in a demanding & hectic work environment.
  2. Help them present a smart, stylish appearance to clients who visit their premises
  3. Be easy to maintain and last for a significant period of time (no busy beautician wants to be running around to purchase a new spa uniform every six months!)

It is a well-known fact that working in a spa presents more challenges to staff than regular work locations. The nature of certain therapies and treatments require humid conditions. This, coupled with the various oils and lotions used in the course of their day-to-day tasks, means that therapists demand more than most from their uniforms. Spa tunics and spa trousers need to be able to withstand tough conditions and uniforms manufactured in the right fabric is a key component to achieving this.

With this in mind, Diamond Designs Uniforms is proud to launch its cotton collection, designed specifically for spa and salon uniforms.

The team at Diamond Designs Uniforms wanted to provide its extensive client base with a work wear option that would feel like a second skin while also adding an elegant touch to their everyday professional look.

Long recognised for its natural, cool and breathable properties, the fabric used in the Diamond Designs Cotton Collection of spa uniforms is made from 100% combed cotton.

Benefits of Cotton include:

  • More breathable than synthetic fabrics
  • A strong, tough fabric that can cope with stains
  • Easy to wash and care for
  • It doesn’t cling to the body and sheds bad smells (i.e. sweat) better than other fabrics.
  • Cotton is also a good conductor of heat, meaning it will keep you cool when the temperature is here, which is what we all want in the summer!

Whether you are a beauty therapist, spa professional or work in the healthcare industry, our range of eco-friendly uniforms and salon wear will help you to breeze through the work day.  Our Grace cotton beauty tunic is fast becoming a popular choice for beauty and health staff because of its fashionable cut, the durability of the fabric and its easy maintenance:


Available in aubergine or black, you can purchase it here or view the full cotton collection of uniforms from Diamond Designs Uniforms here.


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