How to select the perfect Beauty Uniform for Spa & Salons?

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9 Reasons Why you Should Wear a Beauty Uniform

Beauty Uniforms

There are so many elements that add up to running a successful beauty business. From the treatments you choose to provide and the products/brands that you use, to your team and the way that you run your business, sometimes being in the beauty industry can feel like you’re juggling a lot of plates.

Everything adds up, and if one area were to slip, this could cause a decrease in profits. One thing you can easily ensure is always up to scratch is the appearance of team members. Creating a professional and stylish look for your salon team is key, and this can easily be done by choosing to opt for a stylish beauty uniform look.

We know just how great professional salon wear can look. Here are nine reasons why you should choose to wear a beauty uniform….


1. Create constancy

We are creatures of habit, and we like to feel reassured when seeking professional services. A great way to create a streamline and professional look is to choose to wear a professional beauty uniform.

When a client has come in to see you, if you were wearing a stylish salon uniform the first time you met, it can help them feel more at ease if you follow the same look for future appointments. You can create your own unique look by choosing to always wear the same colour uniform, but can add versatility to your look by mixing and matching between salon dresses and beauty tunics.



2. Add a brand identity 

Salon Wear

What big brands do really well, is creating a memorable brand identity, and sticking to it. This means we instantly recognise a brand, whether it be from glancing at a logo, or seeing a well dressed member of staff. If you run a salon or beauty business, create that brand identity through your look. Whether you’re a one-man band or you employ a whole team, a great place to start with brand identity is with beauty uniforms.

Create that polished look and have your team dress in the same style and colour. You can even match your salon uniforms with your branding. Add an extra professional touch and have staff wear a name badge, to make getting to know team members easier for clients.


3. Take away the guess work

For those who don’t wear a uniform to work, getting dressed in the morning can sometimes be challenging, as can shopping for appropriate work outfits! Take the guess work out and make looking professional and stylish for work simple, by choosing to wear a beauty tunic or salon wear dress. When you know exactly what you are going to wear for the day, your morning routine can be made much more straight forward.


4. Create a look for your mobile business

Mobile therapists can sometimes be considered to be a cheaper option to in-salon treatments, when the reality is many of you run extremely successful and high-end mobile businesses. Help reinforce the idea that you are a professional business offering a little at-home luxury by choosing to wear a beautifully stylish beauty uniform.


5. Feel comfortable and look stylish

Salon Uniforms

Salon wear is designed with the role of a beauty therapist in mind, and is made specifically to help keep you cool and comfortable during your working day. At Diamond Designs, we also focus on style, and so not only can you feel comfortable and able to move freely in your beauty uniform all day, you will also look stylish and professional.

One of our favourite uniforms for ultimate style and comfort is the jumpsuit, available in black and moss green.



6. Create a streamline look that’s interchangeable for the seasons

Salon Wear

When you’ve worked hard to create a salon look and ensured everyone adheres to it, the last thing you want is to feel like you’re unable to stick to your look as the seasons change. During the summer months, salon uniforms that keep you cool and comfortable are a must, and in the winter, a beauty uniform that you can layer is ideal.

We aim to create a variety of uniforms that enable you to keep your brand look going all year round, even on the hottest days of the year and the coldest in the winter. Choose from dresses, tunics, trousers and jumpsuits, and mix and match during the year. Our top tip is to choose a salon colour that everyone can wear all year round, and then mix and match salon uniform styles depending on the season.



7. Make things simple for staff

While many of us love the idea of being able to wear whatever we want to work, realistically wearing a uniform makes life that little bit easier. In providing several uniforms for staff members, you can ensure they always look smart at work. Having more than one beauty tunic or dress gives your staff time to wash and look after their uniforms in between wear, so that they are always able to wear a clean and ironed uniform to work.



8. Avoid damaging your own clothes

When you work in the beautiful industry, you’ll know all too well that accidents can happen. Wax can be split on your trousers, and oils can end up on your sleeves. In order to ensure you and your staff don’t cause damage to your favorite items of clothing, choose to provide beauty uniforms to your staff.

All of our uniforms can be easily washed and are easy to care for, so when spills do happen, you know your staff won’t be upset if they choose to wear a salon uniform rather than their own clothes. A firm favourite when it comes to beauty uniforms is the Rosie Dress, we love its classic and simple style.


Beauty Uniforms

It is also worth investing in aprons to protect your salon uniforms, which can be worn during treatments which are likely to cause mess and spills.



9. Embrace the industry

Be proud of what you do and don’t be afraid to show it, by choosing to wear a salon uniform for your working day. While many of our uniforms are subtly stylish, the iconic beauty tunic style clearly communicates what you do. The beauty industry is a fantastic industry to be involved with, with amazing brands and salons within it, it’s one of the fastest developing industries in the world, and what’s more, you help people feel beautiful and great about themselves. So wear your beauty tunic proudly, and feel confident in the fact that you work for a great industry, and get to wear a stylish salon uniform each and every day.



Do you choose to wear a beauty uniform to work? Or do you love to ensure that your salon staff are always looking professional and stylish? Let us know why you love to wear a salon uniform at work!

If you’re looking to invest in a new uniform, check out our collection of beauty tunics,salon wear,  beauty tunic dresses, beauty therapy trousers, jumpsuits and aprons


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Which Beauty Uniform Colour Suits You Best


When you’re wearing your beauty uniform up to five days a week, and in some cases even more, you want to ensure it suits you so that you feel confident and comfortable. Understanding your colouring, and the colours that look truly fantastic on you can go a long way to ensure you always look your best. Read on to find out which beauty uniform colour suits you best…


Green suits those best who have an olive skin tone. If your skin tans easily, you have dark hair and dark eyes, green is an ideal beauty uniform colour for your colouring. We stock a variety of styles in your moss green shade, which works particularly well for those with darker skin and dark colouring. Try our Jumpsuit Uniform in moss green for the perfect option for you.



A warm toned purple works well for those who have a warm tone to their hair and eyes. If you have chestnut brown hair, copper brown hair or dark golden blonde, purple is a great choice for you. Further more, purple works well with those who have hazel or light green eyes. In a gorgeous warm purple and a professional and flattering cut, our Rosie Dress is perfect for you.



Black offers a great go to shade for all colourings, whether you have dark or pale skin, or blonde or black hair, black can look smart, professional and classic. If you are very pale, try to keep very dark shades away from your face, opting for black trousers and a lighter tunic to avoid being washed out. For everyone else, black can provide a great beauty uniform shade, try our Kathy Tunic.

beauty tunic


The perfect shade for those with lighter colourings, brown is ideal for paler skin tones and light blonde hair. Creating an earthy, natural and flattering feel, brown is ideal to perk up paler skin, bringing out the warmer tones in both skin and hair. An ideal brown beauty uniform for those with pale skin and blonde hair is the Hazel Dress.

salon uniform


Grey is a gorgeous colour for those with dark brown or black hair and for all skin tones. Providing a simple and classic colour that adds a great alternative to black or white, grey is a super flattering shade and ideal for beauty professionals. Try the Kathy Tunic in Grey Linen for the perfect grey beauty tunic.

beauty tunic

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Updating your Beauty Uniform Look for A/W16

beauty tunics

With autumn just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about updating your beauty uniform look. While you get over the initial shock that autumn is already on its way, let us take you through our favourite styles for Autumn/Winter 2016…

Uniform Dresses

salon uniform

Making the ideal beauty uniform for the colder months, our uniform dresses enable you to cover up while still keeping cool when you’re very busy at work. Perfect for the warmer months of autumn with bare legs and tights for when it’s chilly, our beauty uniform dresses ensure that you look stylish and professional at work, while keeping you warm when you’re commuting and cool during your busy work schedule.

Ideal for this season is the Rosie dress. Coming in several on trend colours, the Rosie Dress in Brown Linen, Purple Linen or Grey is ideal for autumn/winter ‘16.

Uniform Jumpsuit

beauty tunics

The perfect way to keep your legs covered up for autumn/winter is with our uniform jumpsuit. In a stylish slim fit long leg cut, the jumpsuit uniform is perfect for this season due to the shorter sleeves, enabling you to wrap up with a coat when on your way to work, but remain cool while busy, particularly during the festive season.

Choose from moss green or black, perfect shades for the season. Shop the uniform jumpsuit here.

Tunic & Trouser Combo

salon tunics

Great for layering for winter, trousers teamed with tunics are ideal to keep warm yet smart. Our tunics come in some great on trend colours for the season, including purple, black, brown and grey, all of which are perfect for the season. We love the Cara Tunic in Brown Linen, perfect teamed with the Classic Trouser in brown linen too. Across our beauty tunics and trousers you can opt to mix or match, as many styles come in matching colours, but also complimentary colours too, so that you can create your own unique uniform look.

Browse our range of beauty uniforms and salonwear, for the perfect uniform look for Autumn/Winter 2016.

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First 20 Get 15% Off!!! This Weekend Only!

Because we love you all just a little bit, we are offering you 15% off your salon uniforms this weekend only! Now we know many of you will most likely have a slight competitive edge, which is why we are only offering 15% off to the 20 of you who make it to the checkout first- we’ve got to keep these things fun don’t we.



Now is an ideal time to update your beauty uniform look, and so we are offering 15% off across the Diamond collection, including the cotton collection too. You’ve got from now until midnight on Sunday to benefit from this offer, but don’t move slowly on it and end up being unlucky number 21!



Use code: FIRST20 at the checkout.

Here is a few of our favourite pieces that you could get 15% off of…

The Rosie Dress

Available in Brown, Black, Purple and Grey, the Rosie dress is a firm favourite at Diamond Designs HQ. In a gorgeous classic cut, the Rosie dress is simple yet striking. With 15% off the Rosie dress is reduced from £47 to £39.95!!


The Jumpsuit Uniform

One of our more standout salon wear pieces, the jumpsuit uniform takes a unique approach to beauty uniforms. Available in moss green and classic black, the jumpsuit uniform has been a best seller since it landed, so now is a great time to get your hands on one of your own! Usually £48, this weekend if you’re lucky enough to be one of the 20 to use the discount code, the uniform will be just £40.80.


The Kate Tunic

The perfect simple but stylish beauty tunic, the Kate Tunic is ideal layered with simple trousers. The length is super flattering, sitting just under the hips, and the cap sleeves and raised collar add interest, making this a stylish and smart tunic, available in beige and black. This weekend you could get the Kate Tunic for £37!!


Don’t miss this opportunity, with just 20 codes valid until midnight on Sunday the 10th of July, you could be one of the 20 to benefit from this fantastic offer.


Remember to use the code: FIRST20 which is applied at the checkout.


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Finding Your Perfect Uniform Style

031.banner dresses

Hands up who loves working in a job where you get to look and feel stylish! One of the wonderful things about the beauty industry is that you can express your true style and get dressed up for work. We play a big role in this, in supplying you as salon owners and beauty professionals with super stylish beauty uniforms that you’ll both feel and look great in.

Ready to discover the ultimate salon style with Diamond Designs? Read on to determine your personal beauty uniform style…

Feminine and soft

If you’re the kind of person who is always in dresses, loves feminine touches and generally has always been a bit of a girly girl, we recommend a feminine but classic uniform look, which you can dress up and accessories to add your own stamp.

Our beauty uniform dresses come in sizes 6 to 24, and also in a variety of colours, so you can be sure there is something to suit your feminine style.

The Rosie dress is one of our favourite classically feminine styles, with a knee length skirt, square neckline and cap sleeves, the Rosie dress is smart, practical and feminine. If you also love feminine colours, we’re confident you’ll love the Rosie dress in purple.



Smart and simple

Think about your own personal style throughout your life, do you often opt for classic cuts, clothes that look simple, but always smart and stylish? Do you favour neutral colours and flattering cuts? If so your perfect uniform style is a simple classically cut dress, or a tailored tunic and trousers.

If you love a classic look, we recommend the Kathy Tunic, which looks beautifully professional and stylish and is perfect styled with simple black trousers, such as our Classic Trousers.



Quirky and bold

Have you always liked to standout while looking stylish but a little bit unique? If you’re someone who follows the latest trends but also stands by your own unique style we advise you don’t follow the traditional salon style.

Our jumpsuit salon uniform is the perfect option for those who like to look a little bit different. Ensuring you stand out while still looking stylish and professional, our jumpsuit beauty uniform comes in sizes 6-24 and in black or moss green.


Whether you follow a feminine style, classic or quirky, at Diamond Designs we’ve got you covered. From beauty tunics, to dresses, trousers and jumpsuits, we stock a wide range of salon uniforms browse our collections now.

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