How Instagram Influences Beauty Trends

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With 500 million active users on Instagram as of June 2016, it’s safe to say the photo sharing platform is one of the most influential social media sites in the world. One of the most shared types of content on Instagram is images surrounding beauty, from product reviews, to new looks and elaborate art in the form of make-up and nail designs.

Instagram is hugely influential in when it comes to shaping beauty trends. Today trends are driven by social media, then reported on by blogs and print magazines, and finally emerging in mainstream beauty.

Instagram can help you stay ahead of the trends, and even become a leader in the industry, offering a hugely influential opportunity for your beauty business.

Beauty trends shaped by Instagram…

2016 has seen a wide variety of trends emerge from Instagram, some of which have become mainstream, influencing the industry as a whole, while others are mostly left to be admired, due to their extremity and difficulty to achieve.

Among the most talked about are: mermaid make-up, neck contouring, bubble eyeliner, ribbon eyeliner, rainbow eyebrows (which then sparked rainbow highlighter), intricate lip art and super-full lashes.

The latest to hit Instagram is the crystal lip. Make-up bloggers are creating dramatic and beautiful lip art, inspired by the stones. The images being shared on Instagram look like they belong in a high end fashion magazine shoot. The amazing look has triggered similar creations, that are inspired by gemstones and marble, and use lip paints, lipsticks and glosses to create the look. While this trend is in early development, and it’s unlikely that full crystal lips will become mainstream, but this could spark the development of various lip products to make creating a marble and multicolour look simple. Illamasqua have already picked up on this quickly growing trend, introducing a marble lipstick.

Checkout the accounts that started the crystal lip look at @beyou.byjoy and @genevievejauquet

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One of the biggest movements in the beauty industry for 2016 is the Kylie Jenner lip, which was hugely influenced by Instagram. With 75 million followers, Kylie Jenner is one of the most followed accounts. This year Kylie has sparked a huge trend; pillow lips.

Pillow lips are all about having a full and plump lip, that looks almost puffed up like a pillow. Kylie is famous for her lip look, typically wearing a nude shade that makes her overly large lips look natural and soft. The development of the trend was dramatic, and lead to the launch of Kylie’s own lip kit, which promised to create similar results for women worldwide. The kit was a hit, selling out almost instantly when it first launched, followed by restocks also selling out dramatically quickly too.

The simple act of Kylie Jenners’ full lips becoming a beauty trend on Instagram, has then influenced other beauty brands, to develop similar products that create a full lip look. Further more, treatments and procedures to plump lips have seen a huge spike, and this trend is expected to continue well into 2017.

Follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/kyliejenner/?hl=en

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2016 has been all about contouring and full, yet natural looking lips, two trends which were both started on Instagram. Both are set to be big in 2017, but in the meantime more trends will develop, and shape what will be in demand in the future.

Stay ahead of the game…

When you are working in the industry, it’s important to stay one step ahead at all times. Just ten short years ago, the first you would hear of the beauty trends would be through consumer magazines, or through trade magazines which may be a little ahead of the game. Today you have the ability to stay on the ball and know about the latest beauty trends before they really take off, enabling you to meet demand before it hits.

Further more, being seen as an influencer in the industry, and a brand that’s always on top of the latest developments in beauty, will put you in a good position as a leading beauty brand. This ensures you appeal to those who are looking for the latest beauty treatments, using the best products and technology available on the market.

Stay on top of beauty trends by following the most influential accounts in the industry. Here are the top ten accounts that help to shape upcoming trends:

1. @hudabeauty

 With arguably one of the biggest self-made beauty empires out there, Huda Kattan is one to watch for upcoming trends and developments.

2.  @carolinehirons

For skincare trends, follow Caroline Hirons. The skin guru tests the cult skincare products on the market and predicts new trends, what will be a hit and what to miss.

3.  @cedricjolivet


French, high-end make-up artist Cedric Jolivet is one to watch when it comes to growing make-up trends. He’s recently worked with Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour.

4. @mllechamalow

The French blogger, model and make-up artist boasts 18.1k followers, many of which follow her for make-up and beauty inspiration.

5. @styledbyhrush

Make-up artist to the Kardashians, Hrush is certainly one to watch for developments in 2017.

6. @danimansutti

This beauty Youtuber is becoming increasingly influential in the beauty industry. Check out her account for every day beauty looks, and to see what the the younger generation are being influenced by.


 Become a trend setter…

 Along side following influential accounts, why not work to become an influencer in the industry yourself? Even if you do not work to spark new trends, setting up a successful Instagram account can be an extremely powerful tool for any beauty business.

Beauty is one of the most searched terms on Instagram, so there is a huge audience out there, just looking for inspiring accounts to follow, and leaders in the industry to be influenced by.

How Wear 90s Beauty Trends


Nailing Instagram isn’t an easy job, but when you create an inspiring account the benefits can be huge. Work on staying one step ahead of the industry, creating content that people haven’t seen elsewhere. The main thing to remember when posting on Instagram is that every post should add value to your target market. Just created a new look on a client? Post a before and after picture with steps to follow to create the look at home? Used a new product that you know is yet to go mainstream? Post product shots and result images with your tips for using the product? Know of an up and coming trend? Create a look surrounding it, with ideas and advice before everyone else jumps on the band wagon.

Successful Instagram marketing is all about creating something new, exciting and valuable to your target audience. Do some research too, to better understand what it is that your target audience wants to see. Beauty on Instagram is all about hacks, tips and tricks to create the latest looks in the most simple way possible, as well as creativity and inspiration, but when you run a beauty business, it’s about striking the right balance, between giving a little bit away to generate excitement and interest, while still maintaining your insider secrets to keep clients returning.

Do you currently market your business on Instagram? Share your accounts in a comment and your tips.

At Diamond Designs we love the influence of social media on the beauty industry. The trends and advances also shape our beauty uniform designs, and help us better understand exactly what you are looking for as a beauty professional.

Browse our range of beauty tunics and salon wear uniforms here.  All of our beauty uniforms are stylish and designed to work perfectly for the beauty professional, whether you’re a salon owner or a beauty therapist. Choose from beauty tunics, dresses, spa wear, jumpsuits and trousers, our salon wear collections are really diverse but always stylish and on trend. 

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Q&A With Babs Forman


beauty tunic

We sat down with Skin Confident founder Babs Forman to find out her secrets to success! After several years of working as a lawyer she decided to follow her dreams to become a make-up artist.

Read on to find out more about Babs' journey and her favourite Diamond Designs Beauty Tunic....

Were you always interested in a career in the beauty industry?
Actually, I qualified as a solicitor and had a career in law before dedicating myself to skin camouflage! So it took me a little while to get there, but I always had a passion for make-up and never felt fully at home in the corporate law world. So I would say I was definitely always interested, but wasn't sure that I would be able to make it a reality. It took a bit of soul-searching and a mini mid-life crisis to take the leap of faith, and I'm very glad that I did.

Tell us a bit more about Skin Confident
Skin Confident provides skin camouflage for people who have skin concerns that go beyond what cosmetic make-up can conceal effectively. I see a huge range of different people and can cover anything from scars to vitiligo, birthmarks and also tattoos. I use specialist products that were designed to be highly pigmented and long-lasting. They are even waterproof if applied properly, so the idea is very much to teach people how to use them so that the can then go about leading their lives as normally as possible without feeling self-conscious or inhibited. Quite often I see people who have suffered accidents or illnesses and it's lovely to be able to give them a little bit of a feeling of normality back.

salon uniform

What made you want to start your own business?

I am really passionate about skin camouflage and helping people feel more confident about themselves. I am a very independent person so I hate the idea that people are not leading their lives to the fullest or because of their skin. I felt that there was a real gap in the market to provide an expert service to people struggling with the appearance of their skin for whatever reason. Although the UK is very fortunate to have a brilliant skin camouflage service provided by a charity called Changing Faces, I have found that waiting times are often too long for my clients, and they may not be eligible because their condition is not 'serious enough' or they cannot be referred from a hospital service. So I hope that my business is valuable and really providing a service that helps people - that's my main aim.

On a more practical level, one of the reasons I left the law was because I was getting very disillusioned with the politics of office life. I love the freedom and control of running your own business - there's nobody else to blame for things going wrong, but there's also a lot less time wasted on the unimportant things, and huge feelings of satisfaction when things go well!


Do you have any other employees?
No, not yet. I only set up skin confident a few months ago so it's very much in the start-up phase, but I do get help with my online things, as I am not necessarily the most technically savvy person around!


Where do you see your business in the next five years?

I very much hope that awareness and understanding of skin camouflage will grow, so that people all around the country know about the service and can access it. I would love to open multiple studios around the UK, but also abroad. I grew up abroad and very internationally, and I have found that outside the UK skin camouflage is even less known about so it would be great to spread the word. I would also love to set up a charitable arm and help individuals who are truly marginalised as a result of their skin, for example sufferers of Vitiligo in certain African communities.


Do you wear a beauty tunic when providing treatments to clients?

I have to admit that I don't currently wear a tunic, but that is due to the fact that I am five months pregnant and expanding by the day! I'm finding it hard enough to fit into any clothes at all! But I look forward to being back to my old shape again - I feel that you can't help but look neat, tidy and professional in a tunic!

What is your favourite Diamond Designs beauty tunic?

I love the new Diamond Design collection. The styles are flattering and fashionable - my favourite is the Grace.


How do you manage your business online?

My online presence is the first port of call for my clients, as it is quite a niche business. So having a great website and being easily searchable in the major search engines is key for me. I'm constantly playing around with key words as a lot of people don't actually know that skin camouflage exists, so there's a bit of an art to attracting customers to a solution they don't know is out there!


How important do you think social media is for beauty businesses?

I think social media is hugely important for any business these days. It provides a platform to reach out to such a huge customer base, and to create real brand identity and awareness that would not be possible in the same way without it. I feel that the beauty industry has a big advantage over other industries in that it is such a visual sector, and it's quite easy to post pictures of your work or products that are very appealing to the public and can generate a lot of engagement. Social media is a real gateway to your brand and it is therefore very important to stay on top of your social media game.

salon wear


Are there any accounts you follow to keep up with the latest beauty trends and tips?

The accounts I like to follow are definitely geared towards make-up, as that is my first love. I like keeping up with my old make-up college, the Delamar Academy, as they were instrumental in helping me succeed in the business and I like seeing what their students are up to now - not only because I'm nosy, but also because it's a great pool of potential assistants for jobs.

I also follow the brands that I use regularly to make sure that I am up to date with their latest releases and product information, and some of the great make-up artists. I love Alex Babsky's work, and Alex Box. People like Lisa Eldridge and Wayne Goss on the other hand are great for the sheer amount of products that they review. I'll always pick up a nugget or two during their reviews and go out to try something for myself.

Make sure you check out Skin Confident's website and social media for their latest updates:

Website: skinconfident.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkinConfidentUK/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkinConfidentUk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/babsforman_skinconfident/

We want to say a big thank you to Babs for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope this has been helpful! If you would like to get involved to feature on our next Q&A blog, then send an email to:JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

To style your beauty salon, we provide gorgeous uniforms for beauty therapists, with a wide selection of beauty tunics and beauty uniforms for you to choose from. Browse our collectionshere.

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Q&A With Jamie Nunn

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We sat down with celebrity nail technician Jamie Nunn who strives to offer the best in nail-care and affordable luxury treatments. After starting his own business, Matilda-Rose, Jamie continues to drive for expansion, seeking up to 5 additional salons in the next 5 years.

Read on to find out his top tips to success and his favourite Diamond Designs beauty tunic...

Were you always interested in a career in the beauty industry?

No not at all I was working for an electrical retailer (which i hated) and went with my friend to get her nails done and there was a training opportunity at the salon which I went for and the rest is history. So I totally fell into it by chance!

What made you want to start your own business?

I decided to start my own business after working for some of the nail industries biggest brands and at the time nobody seemed to support my vision when it came to standards and spending money to make money. Something I still believe hugely in, so i thought to myself "you either carry on making someone else money and being stifled or take a risk and go it alone." So along with my amazing assistant Sue Kemp, I got as much money together mainly from my nan and grandad and my parents and took a risk which in the end paid off. There were lots of fraught times when I doubted myself and whether I was doing the right thing but I carried on and in the end it paid off and in 2010 I was made head of nails for X-factor and then everything started falling into place. The final chapter was meeting my partner Stephen who from day 1 was always pushing me to do more and believing in what a great business model we had. So he came on board on a full-time basis and we expanded the salon which was the best thing we ever did. We now struggle to keep up with the demand, so much so that we have put plans for additional salons to be opened in the next 5 years

Do you have any other employees?

Yes we have 6 members of staff working us at the moment.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

In the next five years I see the business growing to have opened hopefully 5 salons, we have a product line in the pipeline and lots of other ideas that hopefully will come to fruition.

Do you wear a beauty tunic when providing treatments when providing treatments to clinics?

No only for the pure reason that I have to go between being a technician and a businessman on a regular basis, but all the staff wear tunics as I think it gives a really professional look and makes it easy for clients to identify who is staff and who's not.

What is your favourite Diamond Designs tunic?

The Eva tunic


How do you manage your business online?

We use online services a lot, advertising is the key one we regularly update our website with our offers and we use Facebook a lot to keep in contact with clients, book appointments and promote the business and staff.

How important do you think social media is for beauty businesses?

Social media is the biggest tool for our business and i think if used correctly it is for all businesses. For example a tweet from a celebrity client generates such interest from new and old clients. Also reviews via social media are amazing because its word of mouth recommendations online giving people who haven't been to the salon the chance to get an idea what everything is all about.

Are the any accounts you follow to keep up with the latest beauty trends and tips?

I like to follow session stylists and make up artists who I have worked with as well as one I haven't because the whole industry is like a huge family and you never know what a connection could lead to. Some of my favourites are Kimme keys, Tom Bichak, Kim Kimble and Alex Babsky.

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

My fave treatment at the minute is the chemical foot peel pedicure that I create a while back, it really is amazing the amount of dead skin that it removes from the feet. It's very satisfying to see the feet looking rejuvenated and fresh!

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To find out more about Matilda-Rose Nails, head to their Facebook and Twitter to discover their latest deals and offers!




We want to say a big thank you to Jamie for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope this has been helpful! If you would like to get involved to feature on our next Q&A blog, then send an email to: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

To style your beauty salon, we provide gorgeous uniforms for beauty therapists, with a wide selection of beauty tunics and beauty uniforms for you to choose from. Browse our collections here.

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Q&A With Caireen Bruce

beauty tunics

We sat down with Beauty professional Caireen Bruce who has always had a passion for working in the beauty industry. After starting her own business, Glitzy Nails in 2010, Caireen shared with us her secrets to success and her favourite Diamond Designs beauty tunic.

Read on to find out more...

Were you always interested in a career in the beauty industry?

My career didn't start until my 30th Birthday. I had my 2 son's and the eldest was attending primary school while my youngest was nursery age. I was fed up one day and passed our local college which had an opening day and I wheeled him in there in his buggy, had a quick interview with head of the beauty therapist dept at cumbernauld college and it all started from there.

What made you want to start your own business?

When I qualified in 2003, I was fortunate to start a part time job in Westerwood Hotel. I worked there for over a year and found it quite a back breaking job due to constant massage therapies. I knew at the time I had a secret passion for nails and left that job to start my own business . I wanted to concentrate and become professional as I found that most therapists never had time to learn to administer nails properly.

I dabbled with acrylics but fell in love with Calgel and pursued certification in 2009. I became Glitzy Nailz in February 5th 2010 and have worked here since.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

I'm a sole trader and work from home at the moment.. Five years down the line I would love to establish myself further by becoming a lecturer at college or renting out a space within a reputable salon in my area.

Do you wear a beauty tunic when providing treatments to clients?

I haven't worn a tunic for a while now but think they look more professional. I had t shirts printed with diamantes but I do prefer a smart tunic. It looks more glam.

What is your favourite Diamond Designs beauty tunic?

I think your Lili tunic is beautiful and would consider purchasing that.


How do you manage your business online?

I have been online for 6 years now and use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Pinterest and Instagram.

I have a normal profile on Facebook and also a business page although I do find that expensive so mainly use instagram now and share with Twitter.  I have my posts linked up to fb which kills 2 birds with one stone lol . It's hard work pushing business online and difficult to keep potential clients interested  but I've survived .

How important do you think social media is for beauty businesses?

Social media and business is essential these days although I do miss the simplicity of a website.

Are there any accounts you follow to keep up with the latest beauty trends and tips?

My clients are pinterest mad so that's usually the app for ideas and information . I follow Izabelle Hammon CALGEL on all apps to keep updated with colours and new collections and I'm also a big fan of Sam Biddle's work.

I've also been very fortunate on few occasions to have my work published in scratch magazine. I think I'm in it this month but I need to renew subscription and forgot due to funeral this month.

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

Apart from administering Calgel treatment I loved administering Espa facial and body treatments when I worked within Westerwood Spa . They are the most therapeutic beautiful scented products I've ever used  . Loved the geranium cleanser. I can still smell that when I think about it .. lovely.



We want to say a big thank you to Caireen for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope this has been helpful! If you would like to get involved to feature on our next Q&A blog, then send an email to: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

To style your beauty salon, we provide gorgeous uniforms for beauty therapists, with a wide selection of beauty tunics and beauty uniforms for you to choose from. Browse our collections here.

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Best Beauty Subscription Boxes

beauty tunic

Image courtesy of DailyMail.

Beauty subscription boxes have become huge as of late, with loads of exciting new brands springing up, giving us the opportunity to try fantastic beauty products at a lower price. Beauty subscription boxes are a lovely thing to invest in, particularly for those working in the beauty industry, who wants to try the latest products on the market. With so many to choose from, which are the best beauty subscription boxes on the market?

1. Birch Box

The monthly subscription box from Birch Box contains five luxury products from well known brands. At £10 per month plus £2.95 P&P, Birch Box offers a cost effective way to try a handful of new products each and every month. The July box contained products from the likes of Nails Inc and Elemis, and when you sign up you receive a free Lord & Berry Product too! Set up in 2010, Birch Box also have their own online magazine, where you can catch all the latest from the beauty industry.


salon uniform

2. Little Known Box

At £14.95 per month including postage, the Little Known Box contains a diverse range of products. Containing 5-6 products per month, Little Known Box focus on brining new break through brands and products to the UK market, and so offer an ideal subscription box for the beauty professional, looking to try new brands. Containing 5-6 products per box, the July box contained products worth £62, so really does offer value for money!


beauty uniform

3. Love Me Beauty Boutique

Love Me Beaut Boutique take a slightly different approach to their beauty subscription; each month you pay £10 plus P&P of £3.95 which gives you 60 credits. With these 60 credits, you can choose the products you receive, and effectively build your own subscription box. In July, Love Me Beauty swapped out their box for a lovely cosmetics pouch. This is the ideal beauty box those those who are quite fussy about their products, as you’re able to choose what you receive yourself.

2E2ED94300000578 3300431 image a 15 1447060769473

For those who want to keep up to date with all the latest beauty boxes, check out Which Beauty Box, a UK beauty blogger who reviews all the latest beauty boxes in the UK, to help you decide which is best for you.

If you’re also in the market for a new beauty uniform, don’t forget we also offer money saving offers regularly. You can subscribe to our mailing list here, to be the first to know about our promotions and receive exclusive discounts, just scroll to the bottom of the home page to subscribe.

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How to Revamp your Salon on a Budget

beauty uniforms

While just a few short years ago you may have put money into updating your salon, the truth is in a busy environment fixtures and fittings can quickly become worn and look shabby. Decor and accessories can also become updated, but for the business savvy, spending lots of money on revamping your salon regularly isn’t an option. It’s important to keep things fresh and standout from the competition, so here’s how to update your salon on a budget…

1. Reception

Your reception area needs to be beautifully presented and provide a comfortable and calming environment for your clients. As this is the first place they will go to when coming into your salon, and also the last place before they leave, you want to ensure that you create both a good first impression and a positive lasting impression. If you have already invested in a stylish reception desk but it is in need of a revamp, try painting it to add a unique twist. Choose colours that suit your theme, white, pale pastel shades or muted tones work well at the reception desk.

Top your reception desk with beautiful accessories, and some practical accessories too. Try a glass, gold or copper sweet dish that is filled with complimentary mints, a simple glass pen pot with branded pens should your client need to use one, and a vase with fresh or artificial flowers.

2. Salon front

The front of your salon is your first chance to make a great first impression. Keep things interesting by changing it a few times a year to reflect the season. Focus on design first, but don’t forget to promote your products and treatments too. Invest in simple interchangeable pieces that you can use through out the year to avoid spending too much on items you can only use once.

3. Update with simple accessories

Depending on the style of your salon, for most the less is more approach is best. To create a luxe and opulent feel your salon doesn’t need to be filled to the brim with trinkets and accessories, just a few simple pieces can add a really expensive feel. Plants and flowers go a long way towards adding a tranquil feel and can be fairly low cost. Go for faux plants for a low maintenance option and choose colours that fit in with your theme.

A few pictures on the walls and mirrors can help to open up the space and add interest, making it seem lighter and bigger than it actually is. Gold frames add a luxe feel and large mirrors allow clients to see the results of their treatment.

4. Update therapists looks

beauty tunic

Finally, a great way to increase the professional feel of your salon is to choose professional salonwear uniforms. Opting to have staff dress in the same colour can add a constant feel, making everyone look more professional. At Diamond Designs we provide stylish beauty uniforms, including beauty tunics, dresses, jumpsuits and trousers. Browse our range here.

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